Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Full of Funny-Because-It’s-True Moments

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

It seemed almost too far-fetched for me to have an interest in it – a woman moves to New York City after escaping a cult that required her to live in a bunker. This is the premise for Netflix’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” a bingeworthy show.

Created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, the series has a fresh feel – but like “30 Rock,” it’s quirky and the characters and their weird habits become increasingly endearing.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The cast is fantastic. Ellie Kemper plays the title character with a careful mix of innocence, optimism, and the ability to change. As Kimmy, wears a lot of ’90s-inspired clothes – like Blossom all grown up, except not grown up. Tituss Burgess plays the extravagantly fabulous Titus Andromedon, also escaping some details of his past.

The ensemble also includes Jane Krakowski as an insecure wealthy woman and Carol Kane as Lillian, the landlord with chutzpah. There are also some awesome cameos.

Also, there’s a theme song. It’s awesome. It’s annoying. It will get stuck in your head.

BOOM. Feminism.

But in true Tina Fey fashion, the comedy provides characters with some profound and obvious points, such as Kimmy’s line: “Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? Replacing one stupid male authority figure with another.”

My favorite funny-because-it’s-true-moments happen in episode 12, when multiple women in the episode decide to face the truths of their pasts to move forward – and of course they have to smash the patriarchy to do it. It’s important that it happens as late as episode 12, because you get to see the characters struggle with these issues until they freak out and smash things.

And that addresses something I see a lot from people with privilege (and have felt in some situations) – the question of “why is that person flipping out over something so small?”

Geek References

By the hammer of Thor! The geek references are also incredibly awesome, particularly the “Game of Thrones” reference (Xanthippe’s middle name is actually Lannister) and the multiple Marvel references.

 “Look at That Nice Werewolf”

The other BEST funny-because-it’s-true moment occurs when Titus lands a role at a horror-themed dinner theater. He goes around in a werewolf costume only to discover people treat him much better when he is an apparent werewolf – versus being a black man.

This show is definitely awesome. Yes, “30 Rock” fans – UKS is on the same level as TGS.

10/10, would binge watch again.

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