TGI Larps was started in 2017 by Tara M. Clapper as part of The Geek Initiative LLC, a website for women in geek culture. Starting with CHARIOT, a campaign sci-fi freeform larp, we’ve run six (and counting) different online larps over the course of three years. Since then, we’ve expanded to running our games in-person, providing digital integration for others, and offering custom-booked experiences.
While experimenting with style, platform, and genre along the way, we’ve always kept one goal in mind: to provide a fun, safe, and accessible larp experience for every player.
Our Team 
Lead Designer/Writer: Tara M. Clapper
Project Coordinator: Shayna Cook
Character Writer: Kate Hill
Rotating GMs: Kate Hill, Marshall Bradshaw
Rotating NPCs: Vicki Bloom, David Ellis, Terry Crew
Contact Us
You can reach us at, or find us on Facebook.