One week after receiving my Communications degree with a concentration in film, I had the opportunity to work as a Production Assistant in Connecticut for a new film, Grandpaland. The film is based off the two seasons of Welcome to Grandpaville, created by Michael T. Lombardi. Working through the production process and now watching the film onscreen has been an incredible experience.

Branching off from its web series, Welcome to Grandpaville continued for two seasons ending with this recently premiered film. Shot on location in popular Connecticut attractions, such as Lake Compounce Amusement Park and the Trail of Terror, this family-fun filled trip takes you on extraordinary adventures from the arcade games to the lazy river to “Boulder Dash!” The film gained over 1,000 views on YouTube during its first 48 hours.

About Grandpaville and Grandpaland

For those who haven’t seen the show, Welcome to Grandpaville begins with its first episode, “House Guest” (Pilot). “After flying halfway across the country, eleven-year old Shelby arrives at her grandfather’s house for an extended stay, but feels like a fish out of water as she tries to get used to her new surroundings. She immediately uses her unique electronics ability and sarcastic personality to give Grandpa Potts (Dave Wall), his British Butler Kincaid (Michael T. Lombardi) and Grandpa’s friends a hard time! Welcome to Grandpaville is fun for the whole family!”

“I know that the Toy Pott has come to mean as much to this community as I have. I don’t want that to change which is why I’ve decided to transfer ownership to someone I know who’ll take as good care of it as I have. Ladies and gentleman, I’d like to introduce the new owner of the Toy Pott….”

…And cliff-hanger. Now in Grandpaland, the story continues.

The story begins with voice over of Grandpa Potts (Wall), who is now newly retired, explaining how his granddaughter, Shelby, gave the name “Grandpaville” to his old-styled home in the downtown area of his hometown. He continues to speak candidly of the other characters who have made appearances throughout the series, especially the 16-year-old Kendall, who now runs the Toy Pott. The film has many plotlines, featuring new and old characters from the show.

Don’t be sad, 

Don’t be gloomy,

C’mon girls let’s….ride the carousel!! 

Personally, these are my favorite lines from the film. Fan favorites, Brooke (Hannah Perreault) and (Sydney Bradshaw) are babysitting two young girls who can run circles around them….literally! When the two get distracted, which is fairly often, Charlotte (Miranda Flood) and Molly (Ellie Ash) decide to explore the park for themselves.

Some of the best scenes in the film include a smorgasbord of settings and attractions around the park in the opening credits, the “Dino Expedition” walk-thru, and Madame Futura (Bryn Berg) and her crystal ball.

Female Characters in Grandpaland

One of my favorite characters is Zoey. She is a girl with a mind of her own, not afraid to step away from the crowd. Honest and blunt. Wears dark colors, while the other girls wear brighter, more “happy” clothing. Although quite rude at some points, her persona sticks out more than those of her female counterparts. The other female portrayals in the film, and show, have either been the stereotypical “prep” girls and those obsessed with major boy-icons (in Grandpaland, it’s The Boys in the Band). Zoe’s character brings a good dynamic to the film which was a good break from the teen and “tween” stereotypes.

This family-friendly film, and web-series, is not one to pass up if you have the chance to watch!

Check it out and let me know what you think about it in the comments!