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Thank you for supporting The Geek Initiative. Funds donated to the site go to site operational costs and paying our writers and editors fairly. We have discontinued our Patreon as it is not the best fit for what we do, but if you value TGI, you can make a one-time donation to our Ko-Fi.

Soon, we will have a subscription-based gaming program for TTRPG, storygaming, and digital larp enthusiasts. For now, we’re focusing on creating a backlog of content to support that program, including our recent posts. While the pandemic presented an opportunity for growth in the digital larp sphere, we need time to refocus and recuperate to best serve the needs of our community in the most helpful fashion.

Subscription-based income is vital to the future of The Geek Initiative, as we’re a small team. It prevents burnout, especially as we go through design, promotion, and production phases just like larger immersive entertainment companies.

Thank you for contributing!