The Geek Initiative regularly creates and produces LARPs (live action role playing games) online and in person. We strive for physical and emotional safety, consent, inclusion, and immersion. We produce streamed games (using Google Hangouts and Twitch), salon LARPs best suited for conventions or home play, and have a blockbuster LARP in development.

We’re committed to a transparent LARP development process, often developing LARPs on stream and soliciting feedback via Facebook posts and Google surveys. We feel that this is especially important to ensure inclusion and to develop LARPs people wish to play – not simply ones we want to make.

Our primary LARP designer is Tara M. Clapper, TGI’s founder and publisher. Having grown The Geek Initiative as a community for women in geek culture for more than five years, Tara now focuses on developing games, LARP community discussion, and RPGs for publication and sale.

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LARPs in Development

  • Intrigue and Independence: An American Revolution LARP [Blockbuster LARP, Currently Scouting Locations in Philadelphia] – 2018 or 2019
  • Prohibition Era New Year’s Eve LARP [TBD]
  • New World Magischola Official Spinoff LARP [Writer] – 2018
  • Meme LARP [with tabletop designer Chadd Stewart]
  • CHARIOT LARP: The Odyssey [In-person segment of CHARIOT LARP]
  • CHARIOT LARP: Home [In-person segment of CHARIOT LARP]

Past LARP Productions

Additional LARP Production Experience

  • Immerton by Learn Larp LLC – Design Team Member (Character Creation), NPC – October 2017
  • Dragon Thrones by The Game Theatre – GM for House Ardmore (July 2016, January 2017, July 2017)
  • Seventh Kingdom IGE by Project Omega LLC – Marketing Director, Module Writer, Photographer

Other Gaming Experience

  • Armistice Arcane [Player: Moira O’Connor] – January 2017
  • Bravo Fleet: SFM Revenant [Player: A Star Trek-inspired text-based RPG played on message board] – July 2017 – Present
  • New World Magischola [Player: Runs 1, 5, 7, Winter’s Cry Spinoff, Yule 1, Yule 2017; 2 House President Leadership Roles] June 2016 – Present
  • Seventh Kingdom IGE [Player in Leadership Role: Hand of the Envoy of Fir’bolg] 2012 – 2016
  • Verak Nor: An Independent Star Trek SIM [Player]
  • Land of Free Ulster: A Historical Text-Based RP [Owner/Writer/Moderator] 2006 – 2010

2018 Events (as player unless otherwise indicated):

In addition to doing customized LARP work, Tara also edits LARP and RPG rulebooks and serves as a paid consultant on LARP projects as a designer and marketer. She has done editorial work and/or consulted for Learn Larp LLC, The Game Theatre, Hanging Lantern, and Lost Colonies Larp.

Published Works

Tara is a featured writer at as well as this site, and has been published LARP-related content on niche and mainstream sites. A selection of her published works includes:

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