Cancellation Policy

Due to the nature of digital Larp, we ask that if you are unable to make an event that you let us know as soon as possible by emailing us at We offer several remedies to participants who are unable to participate for various reasons.

Option 1: Reschedule for Another Event
If you are participating in an event and there are more than 72 hours prior to the event starting, you can elect to use your ticket for another game or for another run of the same event.

Option 2: Turn Your Ticket Into an Accessibility Ticket
If you are unable to participate and would like to donate your ticket to someone who might not be able to attend because of accessibility issues, we will gladly find an appropriate suitor.

If the game is canceled by the organizer, you may elect to transfer the balance of your ticket to one of the above options OR to have your ticket refunded via the same method payment that was made.

This policy applies to digital larps run by The Geek Initiative. For in person and digital larps run through a convention or other third party, please contact the third party for refund information. 

In-person TGI Larps may have their own ticket refund policies. When no policy is in place for an in-person larp, this policy applies. 

Privacy Policy

The Geek Initiative Larps gathers personal information through ticket sales, character surveys, social media (our Facebook group for example), our mailing list and other voluntary ways. While we will not sell your information, we may use this information to:

– Provide you with more information on games and opportunities purchased from us.
– Give you more information on changes or other announcements related to the game you’re playing in.
– Reach out with other games that become available in the future.
– Share additional information that we find relevant to our gaming community.

You can ask for your information to be limited or removed by contacting us at: