Are you looking for an entertaining experience to share with friends remotely? The Geek Initiative’s digital live action experiences provide hours of fun for any group of five or more. Think of it like a more in-depth escape room: digital larps allow you, your family, and friends to embody characters in specific settings and become fully immersed in digital worlds.

The Geek Initiative’s digital larp experiences work for those new to role play as well as experienced adventurers.

What Is Digital Larp?

These non-narrative experiences allow players to connect via video (typically Zoom conferencing). With the help of an experienced game master, players build collaborative stories through game-wide events, experiences, and interpersonal relationships. From silly to serious, participating in a digital larp can be quite immersive–almost like being in a movie.

Digital larps are also largely accessible. Years before the pandemic, our founder endeavored to create online theatrical role playing experiences that were physically accessible to gamers with chronic illness, chronic pain, disabilities, and other restrictive issues. Additionally, due to the low overhead of running events online, digital live action experiences are typically more affordable than in-person events. They’re great for experienced players looking to connect online, or for someone just wanting to give it a try.

Digital Larp Costs and Features

Most of our digital larps cost $50 per player, with a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 7 required. Each participant gets:

  • A character selection survey
  • A character specially written or selected for the player
  • Instructions for game play
  • A game master to help your group craft a satisfying, collaborative story
  • Professional safety and consent instruction
  • Game entry and debrief workshops
  • Materials to guide you through the process

Book Your Selection: Four Easy Steps

Ready to get started? It’s easy:

Choose a larp and select four or more friends to join you
Pay the $50 deposit
Wait up to 72 hours for us to contact you, schedule your sessions, and bill the remaining amount
Enjoy the game with friends


Available Larps

chariot larp


  • Sci-fi
  • Meet a select group of future spacefarers. You’re about to spend the rest of your life with them as you prepare to embark on a multi-generational spaceship in a post-apocalyptic Earth. Explore tensions, a sense of family, or budding relationships as you decide how to run your ship and what values you’ll prioritize as a crew.
  • 4 sessions, 3 hours per session
  • $50 per player

Fae Digital LarpDealmakers & Dreamers

  • Fantasy
  • Portray a creature from fairy tales or legendary lore and bargain for the favor of mortal souls in the dreamworld, run by the Sandperson–or, opt to play a hapless mortal whose life is in the hands of these supernatural creatures.
  • 4 sessions, 3 hours per session
  • $50 per player

vampire digital larpFirst Bite, Second Birth

  • Urban Fantasy
  • You wake up alone in a room with a laptop. You feel changed. When you turn the computer on, you realize you’re connected to others having a similar experience–and then you remember. You were turned. Explore life as a new vampire as you speak remotely with others discovering the same.
  • 4 sessions, 3 hours per session
  • $50 per player

Hellfire & Happiness: A Regency England Digital LARPHellfire & Happiness

  • Historical Fantasy
  • Step into the Austenesque world of the early 1800s and explore the dastardly consternations of mischief and matchmaking. Explore mysteries, music, masterpieces, and magic as you work with your friends to uncover the hidden secrets of a British estate.
  • 4 sessions, 3 hours per session
  • $50 per player

lore digital larpLORE: Live Online Raptor Experience

  • Lighthearted Action/Adventure
  • Escape Saurendipity, an island inhabited by dinosaurs. You can lead a pack of raptors, ride a triceratops to victory, or call in reinforcements during a resolution round. This wacky game is sure to leave everyone in laughs.
  • 1 session, 3 hours
  • $28 per player

Sanctuary Avalon Larp

Sanctuary Avalon: A Bespoke Experience for Femmes

  • Historical Fantasy/Spiritual
  • Welcome to Avalon. Discover the paths of your ancestors, aid (or portray) Queen Guinevere, and embark on a journey of self-improvement and exploration of your shadow side with other femmes. Open to practitioners of all religions.
  • 4 sessions, 3 hours per session
  • $50 per player

Café Afterlife

  • Serious, Historical Fiction
  • In the afterlife, famous historical figures from all times gather in the café and observe contemporary humanity. Together, they decide if they want to change something–and what it is they’d change.
  • 2 sessions, 3 hours per session
  • $44 per player

Custom Options

Create Your Own Larp, We Keep It!

  • We’ll create and run a larp in the genre of your choice. Following the larp, we retain all rights to the larp concept and may re-run it and sell tickets. Copyright-free content only.
  • 4 sessions, 3 hours per session
  • $60 per player

Create Your Own Larp, You Own It!

  • We’ll create a larp in the genre of your choice, and hand it over to you when it’s done. You’ll own the rights to the larp and we will not run it again. We’ll also run it for you once.
  • 4 sessions, 3 hours per session
  • $800 + $25 per player

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