Groot #1 - Marvel

Groot #1 – Marvel

Coming this June to a comic book store near you is Groot! That lovable tree creature we all fell in love with this past August in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”- admit it, you did! – will be getting his very own series. From writer Jeff Loveness (Amazing Spider-Man Special, Jimmy Kimmel Live!) and artist Brian Kesinger (Disney Animation) comes something truly out of this world. What’s in store for our monosyllabic friend? Here’s just a taste!

Groot and Rocket Raccoon have been inseparable since they met and are always there for one another. When Groot gets separated from Rocket through a twist of fate, he has to make it on his own and is left to fend for himself. Scared, alone, and barely able to communicate, Groot gets himself into some comedic misadventures. The first issue promises “Explosions! Intergalactic Hitchhiking! Aliens! And space sharks!” This sounds like a wild ride we do not want to miss!

I for one am looking forward to walking alongside Groot in his adventures. This will definitely be a different direction for him since his first appearance in Tales to Astonish #13 (1960). I also am looking forward to see how Groot will interact with other people, and species, on his own without Rocket there to defend and protect him. Although something tells me he can handle himself.

Look for Groot #1 hitting shelves in June!