TGI LARP Safety, Consent, & Inclusion Policies

Most LARPs by The Geek Initiative are light on rules and driven by characters, events, and settings. The rules we do include focus heavily on safety (physical and emotional), consent and communication, inclusion, and immersion. Rules vary for each game: some LARPs, for example, deal directly with potentially triggering experiences and require more structure surrounding communication.

These principles are integral to participants having a safe and enjoyable experience at LARPs.

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Physical Safety

Every LARPer has the right to feel physically safe at LARP events. That means they should find the setting free of:

  • Danger
  • Abuse
  • Harassment
  • Threats
  • Unwanted behavior
  • Harmful real-world events and ideologies, unless they are directly part of the game’s subject matter

Whether run by our production team or in conjunction with another business or convention, our in-person games follow all laws and include required coverage.

Emotional Safety & Bleed

We place a priority on emotional safety, providing a framework for identifying and processing the emotional impact of immersive role play and confronting (or avoiding) potential triggers. We also provide guidance for managing bleed, or the transference of emotions from character to player and vice versa. We do this through workshopping before and after the game, as well as though a set of non-immersion-breaking tools.


We strive to make a welcoming environment for all LARPers. We do our best to select fully accessible venues, design LARPs with inclusive language, and include input from the greater LARP community through transparent design practices to root out problematic language or concepts as we design.

Additionally, we frequently calculate tickets costs to subsidize a limited number of additional tickets to our games, making participation financially accessible for a larger group of players.

Consent & Communication

Consent and communication are important facets of safe LARPing, and our games have tools to carefully negotiate scenes and to communicate levels of comfort. LARP is often a tool we use to explore new and different facets of our true selves, and we value the sensitivity and safety required for players to experience the growth they wish to pursue.


Immersion is most achievable when LARPers feel safe and included, in a setting that allows for clear communication and consent. At our LARPs, immersion is not a rule (we want people to be comfortable pursuing what they wish, when they wish), but it is often a design goal. With that in mind, we do our best to encourage a safe and inclusive community and consent culture – because it’s kind – but also to support an environment conducive to immersion.