downloadThe Quest is a reality competition show set in the fantasy world setting of Everealm. Twelve Paladins must endure training to find the one true hero and defeat the enemy, Verlox. The masterminds behind this amazing show include the wonderful producers Rob Eric, Jane Fleming, and Mark Ordesky.

Rob Eric can be found @roberic1
Jane Felming can be found @harveyfleming
Mark Ordesky can be found @MarkOrdesky

This interview was filmed after the finale and we DO discuss the finale! For a spoiler-free look at “The Quest,” you can find our previous interview [text only] with Rob Eric and Mark Ordesky here.

This morning I woke up and felt like I just went through a bad break up last night. Started remembering all of the good times and than realizing it’s all over… But! What better way to cure a hangover than to indulge in a little more? Luck would have it that I would be interviewing the wonderful producers of The Quest; Rob Eric, Jane Fleming, and Mark Ordesky. When I mentioned my Quest blues to Jane, she reminded this experience will never be over.

For some reason the video cut off the first five minutes which included the introduction (Rob is on the left, Jane is in the middle and than Mark is on the right) and the first question:

Tina Degenhart: We’ll dive right in with the finale, which aired last night, it was crazy and out of control! How did you guys feel about that?

Jane Fleming: We feel so great, I mean this morning I was driving and I called Mark and we just feel it was so gratifying to watch the Twitter feed and to see people’s reactions in real time. Because you never know, you create things, we loved it. It choked us up and we cried during the editing of it. So to see the excitement and that people were really understood what we were trying to achieve, it’s super gratifying.

Mark Ordesky: Yeah, 100%

Rob Eric: Yeah, ya know, thank God the east coast is such a great feed because it’s constant as soon as I get on. As soon as the big moments happen in the show it was near impossible to keep up with it. It was awesome to see the people reacting the way we hoped they would react. And they did it when the Paladins came back from banishment that twitter feed went bat shit crazy! It was nonstop, it was really, really nice.

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