downloadThe Quest is a reality competition show set in the fantasy world setting of Everealm. Twelve Paladins must endure and survive training to find the one true hero and defeat the enemy, Verlox. Speaking of Verlox… one moment while I still my trembling hands. When someone speaks of The Quest, the name Verlox is not far. Without futher ado let me introduce to you the man who terrifies us all, Douglas Tait!

The Quest airs on ABC Thursday at 8pm – 10pm ET. Thursday, September 11 is the finale with back-to-back episodes.

A thank you to Douglas Tait for the pictures!

Douglas Tait can be found @DouglasTait


Tina Degenhart: Before The Quest what other roles have you played? 

Douglas Tait: ​You can view a full list on Douglas Tait on IMDB  but my most notable have been Jason in the climax of Freddy Vs. Jason, The Long Face Bar Alien​ from Star Trek, Sleestak in Land Of The Lost, and some great ones coming out in the next year.

TD: How did you hear about The Quest and go about getting the part as Verlox?

​DT: I heard about it through Spectral Motion, when I was in South Africa shooting the film Outpost 37​. I had a Skype meeting with one of the producers about Verlox and The Quest. I thought it was a brilliant concept and I signed on immediately!

TD: How are you enjoying the blow up on social media, especially Twitter?

DT: It is really exciting! I have had a taste of enthusiastic fans on some of the films I have done, but nothing compares to this. The Quest fans are the best, and I am grateful to their dedication on spreading the word about this one of a kind show (including you Tina).

TD: I never realized it until later but you were also the ogre! Besides Verlox which characters did you bring to life on The Quest?

DT: I also play The Rana Chief, he is coming soon and he is epic! I can’t wait until the fans see him.


TD: What did you think about each character? Which one did you have the most fun with and why?

DT: Each character is so different and has his own unique way of advancing the story. Each one was exciting to play, but none of them can compare to Verlox.  Verlox was the reason why the Paladins were there, and he was so well written in the story. I enjoyed Verlox because he is a smart villain. He is regal and powerful. His smile and laugh is terrifying, and I am enjoying the reactions I am getting from fans.

TD: Since day one Verlox was on everyone’s minds, how did you feel presenting a character that had to live up to all of the hype?

DT: I felt honored. When I read the brilliant script written by Eduardo Sanchez and Gregg Hale, I said, “Verlox is a bad ass villain! I really wanted to make the Paladins fear me, like it was written in the script. I was lucky to have Mike Elizalde and his amazing makeup fx team at Spectral Motion. They made my job easier because of how terrifying Verlox looks.


TD: With the paladins receiving training before taping, did you participate in any of the training?

DT: No, I was kept separate from The Paladins, they had no idea about me, and the first time they saw me as Verlox was during the castle cracking scene. ​

TD: Were there any funny moments when it came to playing the scariest character on The Quest?

DT: There was a moment when I came across Jim Curry in the bathroom. I scared the living crap out of him in full Verlox makeup! It was the only time a Paladin and I mistakenly crossed paths outside of filming. I didn’t like that it happened at the time, because I didn’t want to ruin the magic, but I laugh about it now. ​


TD: The Quest has so many amazing moments, what stands out the most in your mind as a favorite moment?

​DT: My favorite moment is the ending as Verlox. It closes the chapter on the entire season one of the show. You will have to wait until Thursday to see!

TD: Finally, is there anything you wish someone would ask you about or that you would like to add?

DT: I would like to add that working on The Quest was probably the highlight of my career thus far. Producers Mark Ordesky, Jane Fleming, Rob Eric, Elise Doganieri, Bertram Van Munster, and the makeup fx genius Mike Elizalde ​made working on The Quest and amazing experience. I knew that it would catch on from the moment I walked on set. I am so glad the fans have taken to this show, the years of work from the above I mentioned has really paid off.