Week of ‘The Quest’ Roundup: Index of Interviews and Articles

Enjoying the paladins’ shared journey on “The Quest” has been remarkable for fans of the series. The Geek Initiative has been proud to cover a show that so well represents and appeals to our subculture and interests.

Below is a list of interviews and articles relating to this show:


Geek Community Representation in ABC’s ‘The Quest:’ An Interview With Executive Producers Rob Eric and Mark Ordesky – Tina Degenhart and Tara M. Clapper

Why ABC’s ‘The Quest’ is Important to Our Culture and Community – Tara M. Clapper


S1E4sc101“The Quest” Interview Series – by Tina Degenhart

Sir Ansgar – Peter Windhofer

Paladin Patrick Higgins

Paladin Andrew Frazer

Paladin Shondo Blades

Paladin Bonnie Gordon

Crio – Jan Hutter

Verlox – Douglas Tait

S1E2sc210Grand Vizier – Marcello De Nardo

Paladin Lina Carollo

Paladin Leticia Reyes

Paladin Jasmine Leilani Kyle

Paladin Adria Kyne

Queen Ralia – Suzanne Gschwendtner

*SPOILERS* The Producers: Rob Eric, Jane Fleming, and Mark Ordesky [Video]


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