downloadThe Quest is a reality competition show set in the fantasy world setting of Everealm. Twelve Paladins must endure training to find the one true hero and defeat the enemy, Verlox. From episode one she was hoping for a girl to win it all! The gorgeous amazon, Leticia Reyes!

Leticia Reyes can be found @leticiamreyes

Tina Degenhart: How did you find out about The Quest? How did the audition process go?

Leticia Reyes: Believe it or not, I saw an ad for The Quest posted on Craigslist! I emailed a response about my love for super(s)heroes and I got a reply from a casting director. Subsequently, we had two additional interviews, one by Skype and one in-person meeting in NY. Once I made it passed the in-person interview, I was asked to create a home video explaining the reasons why I should be cast on The Quest.  Apparently, the video made an impression not only on the casting director, but with the EPs and ABC execs because the next thing I knew they were flying me out to LA with 23 others to narrow it down to 12! It was so nerve-wracking! I remember a man in the room who told me I couldn’t possibly beat a guy when it came to physical competition, to which I smugly replied that, while most men might be able to out power me, not all men are able to outsmart me. That went over really well and was a moment that I think my character connected with the producers.

Leticia tells the Paladins a little about herself.

Leticia tells the Paladins a little about herself.

TD: From the get go you were very much girl power, which we love!!! What brought you to be so confident about it?

LR: Well, I played six different sports in high school which made me extremely comfortable with competition and also taught me a lot about teamwork. Competition was a way for me to develop camaraderie with the girls, and coach always stressed mutual respect amongst us.  I progressed in sports as time went on and by junior year, I was blessed to become a captain. Leading the team really gave me a sense of responsibility for my teammates. I felt that I needed to protect them and protect what was ours.  Some of my best memories are those where we overcame the odds and worked together to pull out a miracle win! It was just a really great feeling considering that my older sibling, cousins and neighbors were all guys and would constantly measure their mettle by whether or not they could beat a girl (me). They really heightened my competitive spirit when it comes to facing off against men.

TD: Did you ever try and make the actors break character?

LR:  Initially, I believe we all tried. We would fire questions at them relating to the story line as well as their personal lives to see how they would handle it. However, I think the more our appreciation for Everealm grew, the more we kind of liked the idea of those fictional characters being real and we preferred to interact with them as such. They were all so likable that we wanted to be their friends and were anxious for an opportunity to spend more time with them.

Leticia doesn't let a little mud stop her!

Leticia doesn’t let a little mud stop her!

TD: The Battle Dome was one of my favorite moments!! You showing all of the guys how it’s done! What was going through your mind before you went into that fight?

LR: Ah, yes, Battle Dome!! That moment really took me back to my childhood when I competed with my brother and cousins. They were bigger, stronger, and more skilled than I was and I knew it. Similar to then, my mindset wasn’t set on beating them, but moreso on being a truly formidable opponent.  I was thinking, I might not win but you are going to have to put EVERY ounce of your being into taking me down cause I’m not going down without giving you the fight of your life!! As such, I knew I would need the wall to help me endure the blows but it worked out in an entirely different way and it was as easy as pushing off Andrew’s advance. I was stunned and I think it showed in my reaction, but better yet, it was the reaction of everyone else in the room that really transcended that experience. It really proved what I told the producers in my final interview and hopefully inspired others!


TD: I was extremely sad to see you go; what were you thinking when you realized no one stood behind you?

LR: Thanks Tina, I was extremely sad to go! I definitely didn’t feel like I was done with my quest and despite the fact that I felt I already knew the outcome of the vote, I didn’t expect to have no one standing behind me. Initially, it was hard not to take it personally but in hindsight, I think the takeaway is that it’s important for me to believe in myself and acknowledge that everything I need is within me. I think that was something important for me to learn because I have previously often looked outside of myself for strength and answers. Everyone definitely deserves to have someone standing behind them, but unfortunately, that’s not always going to be the reality. There are a lot of people out there fighting their battles alone. I’d like to be a voice that tells them they can trust and believe in themselves.

TD: Where did they have you stay and what did they have you do between being banished and the finale episode?

LR: We stayed with the Fates where they gave us good food and warm showers! By the time I was banished, only two days remained to reveal who would be The One True Hero. In the meantime we had fight choreography and sword training in preparation for the final battle. The later you were banished the less practice you had.

Leticia always has the best hair...

Leticia always has the best hair…

TD: When were you told that you would be coming back for the finale? What went through your mind?

LR: I was told I was coming back for the finale immediately after being banished. To be honest, it was a mix of emotion for me. There was some part of me that was happy to hear I still had a role in Everealm but in the moment I felt disappointed that I didn’t accomplish what I had set out to do. It didn’t really turn into sheer excitement until I found out Lina had won. It re-invigorated my soul and made me feel like my banishment served a bigger purpose. I was absolutely thrilled about her winning and filming the final scene was like being on a Hollywood movie set. It was simply fantastic!

TD: How much training and choreography went into the main battle of the finale?

LR: By the time I was banished, only two days remained to reveal who would be The One True Hero. In the meantime we had fight choreography and sword training in preparation for the final battle. The later you were banished the less practice you had.

Ansgar asks Leticia a question about her team.

Ansgar asks Leticia a question about her team.

TD: What was a favorite moment of yours either on screen or off?

LR: My favorite off-screen moments were the moments the paladins would spend waiting to interact with the people of Everealm. Without technology and the comforts of home, we got very creative with making up games and using our imaginations to pass the time. I’d be scared if they said they were releasing some of that footage, though! It felt good to jump outside of my comfort zone and just be silly.

TD: Finally is there anything you wish someone would ask you about or something you’d like to add?

LR: I feel honored to be part of something that espouses such good values. Each and every paladin taught me something about myself and I really grew just by being placed in this scenario alongside of them. It’s awesome to be part of something so different and groundbreaking and I really respect and admire the Executive Producers for taking on such a challenging task and for giving me this opportunity. Nothing has meant more or been more rewarding than the fan reactions and the people of The Quest Army who have been such enthusiastic supporters! I can only hope that I inspired one little girl or woman to believe in themselves. I won’t stop here, though! I have more to give and to impart to women and I will be continuing my campaign even after the finale of The Quest. You can stay up to date by signing up for my mailing list on my website: and by joining my Facebook fan page:

Leticia is a proud amazon!

Leticia is a proud amazon!