Disclosure: Republished with permission from Care About the Strays dba Cats for Adoption.

After the success of KitNipBox took off with all our feline friends housed in the main foster sanctuary, Kitty Garden Sanctuary, it was time to bring them even more excitement and to avoid being bored. Another subscription box I reached out to was MeowboxMeowbox chooses toys that will create positive stimulation, healthy cat treats, and every cat’s favorite object in the world: a box. Unfortunately, Benjamin (the star of our unboxing video), was a bit too chunky to fit!

Comparing to KitNipBoxMeowbox is a bit more personalized. They took the time to write out the names of some of our cats along the inside lid when we opened it and many of it’s products – at least in our box, were Etsy retailers! Personally, I’m a bit of an Etsy fanatic; I enjoy supporting small business owners and Etsy revolutionized internet shopping and e-commerce with a more personalized touch. Also within the box, we received coupons and access codes for certain products and business cards. My favorite product within the entire box was the crocheted cat wands by FoxyTricksForCats.

Another wonderful aspect of Meowbox is their can donations every month. Organizations may apply to the program and for each purchase of a subscription box equals to one can being donated to a local organization.

Being the human-representative for the cats of Care About the Strays, it’s difficult for me to convey in words how they reacted. Click on the play icon below to check out our unboxing video!