As social creatures, we have habits–even online. We tend to visit the same websites, and when our search engine algorithms suggest new online haunts, they coincide with our existing interests and habits. If you’re feeling bored and are ready to increase your level of social interaction to break out of those habits and routines, consider random video chatting online.

Thanks to unregulated and adult websites, random video chatting gets a bad reputation in the world of online socialization and safety. However, random video chats may or may not include adult content and conversation based on where you go and what you’re looking for.

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If you’re open to random video chatting, here are some more reasons to give it a try.

Meet People With Different Interests

When you’re used to connecting with people who share your interests online, you’ll run into the same group again and again, especially if your interests are in a small niche. Social conflicts can increase friction in these areas, exacerbated by periodic hot takes, hot topics, and world events. As a result, it might be nice to talk about something different for a while–maybe even a hobby, job, or field of study you know nothing about.

Through random video chat, you can meet people with a variety of interests. Consider asking them about their favorite hobbies, media (books, movies), and what they do for work or school.

Random Video Chatting: Safer Than You Think

Random video chat understandably has a reputation for adult content and lack of consent. Fortunately, random video chatting sites like Camgo have instituted features and measures to limit users’ exposure to unwanted content.

Like Google, video chat sites’ primary goal is to make the user happy. Since many users don’t want adult content, or only want that as part of their experience, random video chat sites have methods to screen, monitor, and filter content for users.

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Lastly, if chats become too much for you, it’s not like you’re stuck in a room IRL with strangers. You can always close the random video chat or just request a new chat user. The main idea is to remember that anything you say or do might live on the internet forever (people can always record), and you shouldn’t give out any personally identifiable information when first meeting someone on one of these sites.

Find Any Type of Relationship

Just like many dating sites and apps or social media platform, you can disclose what types of relationships you’re looking to find. Most people, even if they’re looking for romantic or flirtatious connections, are totally interested in finding new friends.

The more specific you can be about what you’re looking for (in your profile or when you first talk to someone), the better your chance of finding the types of connections you want. Keep in mind that the world is full of different types of romantic relationships and people, so you might run into folks who prefer polyamory, monogamy, and people on the asexual spectrum who aren’t interested in sex at all.

Discover International Connections

Did you have a penpal program in school when you were a kid? Meeting people from around the world is especially enriching. While penpals are still valuable, video chat connections are much more instant–and instantly gratifying. You can learn about cultures from all over the world.

In fact, international friendships can increase your global networking capabilities (for free!) along with your empathy and cultural understanding.

Enjoy Algorithmic Matching

Some random video chatting sites on the internet, as well as their apps, provide algorithmic matching. In short, that means you can use these sites to connect with others who want to talk about the same thing.

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In more complex terms, some of these sites will observe your patterns and connect you with people it deems best matches for you.

Have you had positive experiences with random video chatting online? Let us know all about it in the comments!