Disclosure: Republished with permission from Care About the Strays dba Cats for Adoption.

Cats love to climb. It’s pretty much fact. One day, I was doing some research for my cat in purchasing a new cat tree for him. Nothing in particular, but browsing. Years ago, I used to volunteer at another local animal shelter and one of the tasks that needed to be completed during your shift was to brush the hair out of the cat trees. The task wasn’t daunting, but there were quite a few within the cat kennel. There had to be an easier way to to manage cat hair and dander without making it a daily chore. Nevertheless, I discovered Climb-It Cat13512222_516108578582793_8934680583103346191_n

Climb-It Cat delivers a “whole-new cattitude” when designing eco-friendly, washable cat perch covers for your feline friend at home. Handmade in the U.S.A., these covers hold extra padding when taking a rest, with an elastic band that easily holds on to the perch. The small business was kind enough to send us one perch cover, in addition to the most recent item they sell – the “Pouncin’ Pouch Cat” toy.

Not only was the perch a god-send, but the small toy kept our cats entertained for hours! With a refillable pocket for catnip, our cats took an easy liking to it. Although, it took me a few tries to place the right amount in the pouch for the cats to begin engaging with it.

Climb-It Cat‘s products are not something to pass up, especially with a furball of your own!