Greetings, Outlander fans! This current Droughtlander is longer than most. Let’s take a look at some other TV shows Outlander fans (also known as Sassenachs) might enjoy while we’re waiting for Outlander to air once more.

What Is Droughtlander?

Droughtlander is that space between one season of Outlander ending to the new one beginning. And due to the pandemic, this drought has been a long one. 

So when will Outlander season 6 air? Well, it’s coming to Starz in early 2022, and it usually premieres on or near Valentine’s Day. But getting through Droughtlander takes forever, and you want something now. So here are five historical fiction Outlander alternatives to hold you over until then. 

Get Through Droughtlander With Reign 

Reign is a romantic drama series showing the life of Queen Mary Stuart and her ladies in waiting during her reign in Scotland from 1542 to 1567. 

Mary’s sent to France to secure Scotland’s alliance by marrying Prince Francis. But things get complicated when Bash (the king’s favorite son and half-brother to Francis) catches Mary’s eye and forms a love triangle. Reign includes religious tension and other power struggles. 

Reign has an audience score of 85% on Rotten Tomatoes. And currently, four seasons are streaming from Netflix.

Get the Outlander-Like Exploration Fix With Frontier 

Frontier is an action and adventure series focusing on the North American fur trade’s power imbalance in the late 1700s. Trappers and entrepreneurs fight for power against the mighty Hudsons Bay Company, and Declan Harp (main character played by Jason Momoa) plots to infiltrate the monopoly they’ve built.


Frontier has an audience score of 79% on rotten tomatoes, and you can stream all three seasons from Netflix.

Like the Pomposity of Outlander Season 2? Try The Great

The Great is a 2020 satire comedy-drama series and follows Catherine The Great as she plots to kill her incompetent and cruel husband, Emperor Peter III. The series takes place in mid-18th-century Russia and makes fantastic points on how ridiculous the time was. And some issues still apply to the present day. Some of it is reminiscent of the opulence of Season 2 Outlander, when Claire and Jamie end up in France.

The Great has an audience score of 83% on rotten tomatoes, and the second season is planned to air in late November 2021.

Explore High Society Bridgerton

Bridgerton is a romance drama set in the Regency-era of London in 1813 and shows an alternative part of history where London is racially integrated  (known as the ton). The series shows how the era would be if it were diversified, but at the same time not color blind. Had Bonnie Prince Charlie (depicted in Outlander) had grandchildren, they would have been debuting in this era. 

Bridgerton has an audience score of 72% on Rotten Tomatoes and currently has one season released on Netflix with another planned to release sometime in 2022.

Like Outlander’s American Revolution Presence? Try Turn: Washington’s Spies

Turn is a war drama between 1776 to 1781 during the era of the American Revolutionary War. The series follows Abraham Woodhull (a farmer from Setauket, New York) and his childhood friends as they become spies and form a group called the Culper Ring. The group eventually helps turn the tide of war in Washington’s favor.

This is an interesting juxtaposition to how we see Washington briefly in Outlander–a genteel land owner (and slave owner) in Virginia prior to the war.

You can stream all four seasons of Turn on Netflix or AMC. 

Which Historical Outlander Alternative Appeals to You?

So which show interested you the most? Did we miss anything? What’s your favorite historical fiction show? Please leave your comments below, as we would love to read them; and happy binge-watching.