Author: Tara M. Clapper

The Ultimate Marketing Guide for Authors (Special Sci-Fi & Fantasy Focus)

Many indie authors identify marketing as their biggest challenge, especially in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. When you’re creative, it’s difficult to keep writing while you have the responsibility of marketing – especially if you’ve got a full-time job, a family, or other obligations that take time in your day. The writing, editing, and publishing process is extensive: but it’s only a portion of the challenge when it comes to getting your book into the hands of willing readers. Why Am I Qualified To Deliver This Advice? I’ve been in the publishing, marketing, and gaming industries for the last...

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The Geek Initiative: Editing Rate Card and Services Announcement

You may have noticed I’ve been hard at work recently – not only have I been running, streaming, and promoting CHARIOT LARP, I’ve been doing my usual workload of content and marketing work behind the scenes. While Michelle keeps classic TGI running by mentoring our writers and finding new content, I’ve been supporting myself as an editor and content developer in a way that merges my brand with The Geek Initiative, helping it grow. And as we grow, we’ll be able to subcontract the talented writers and editors we cultivate and mentor, paying them a fair wage. It’s All...

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CHARIOT LARP: Player Communication, New Runs, Custom Runs

The CHARIOT LARP updates just keep on coming. I had a very emotional and insightful experience playing Captain Emily O’Sullivan in our first session. If you’re new to CHARIOT LARP, learn more about it right here. This post is primarily an update for: Registered players eagerly awaiting communication Anyone wanting to know about this digital LARP format, which (as far as I know) has never been executed on a multi-game, universe-building scale as we are doing here. Updates for those who have signed up – and those who are just curious – happen below the video. You can learn...

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State of the LARP: CHARIOT LARP Updates

What a week it’s been. I’d like to provide a personal and transparent update on the state of CHARIOT LARP and The Geek Initiative. Don’t worry – it’s all GREAT news. Using just a few posts on Facebook, CHARIOT LARP sold out of two full runs. I think people are curious about the immersive digital nature of the game, and they’re also drawn in by the affordability of a multi-session game. I am also working with the LARPers of Color group to plan a PoC-only run of CHARIOT, which we’ll have more info on soon. Lastly, there is a...

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What’s Up at The Geek Initiative? Editorial Changes and LARP Design!

The Geek Initiative has gone on quite the adventure in 2017. After losing my full-time work-at-home position in content marketing, I transitioned to editing in a freelance capacity. I LOVE editing, especially when it comes to novels. Beyond that, it seems like life keeps hitting me over the head with an important fact: I’m in love with game design. A few months ago, I interviewed for another online work-at-home position, managing and growing someone else’s blog in the geek space. The potential employer asked me a question: Why do you want to work for me when you’ve already built...

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Here are the detailed schedules for CHARIOT LARP, an immersive digital live action role playing game (LARP). Learn more about the game and sign up here. Got questions? Email us: [email protected] Schedules: Epsilon Iota Zeta Delta Gamma Beta CHARIOT LARP: EPSILON [Women-ONLY RUN, Mondays] All times EST (Eastern Standard Time) November  11 , 8-11 PM or OR November 12, 8-11 PM: one-on-one scheduled character creation session with GM (30 minute time slot per player); November 17 Slots also available.  SESSION 1: November 20, 8-10 PM Character development, pre-role play Out of game Q&A Safety – emotional Digital resources introduction...

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Gilead Anxiety: Is It Justifiable?

I have a bad case of Gilead Anxiety. I worry that America could become like the nation in “The Handmaid’s Tale,” called speculative fiction because it is a look at what things could become. Despite the marketing materials, the interviews, and the feminist subcultures in which I conduct most of my business and personal life, I’ve heard it said: You’re overreacting. We’re not heading towards Gilead just yet. People who have said this include enemies and allies, teachers and friends; even women who marched for civil rights and women’s rights in March of this year – or in decades past. In...

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Sonnet: Ambition’s Impostor

I wrote the below sonnet as a result of dealing with impostor syndrome. Right now, Gen Con is just over a week and a half away. I’m doing my best to make my living entirely in the space of geek culture (it’s working, but it’s rough!) and those impostor syndrome feelings creep in from time to time. I hope this helps others who are going through the same issues. Ambition’s Impostor   Ambition is the coil of my penance; With Mary’s tears reserved for my regrets. I grasp a shield unworthy of defense So undeserving of this sweet duet....

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