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3 Ways To Fund Your LARP Habit

LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) can be a fun hobby, but it’s also a potentially expensive one. Some LARPers can have outfits that rival any top-tier cosplay, on top of needing to buy all sorts of weapons for your character. Most of these costumes and weapons are handmade due to the somewhat niche status of the hobby and also the custom requirements of many LARP characters. Successfully raising all the funds in order for your group to be able to LARP properly can seem like a daunting task if you have no clear idea of what to do, so...

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Please Believe Me: Living With an Undiagnosed Autoimmune Condition

I have lived in diagnosis limbo for about half my life. Something has been wrong with my body, but until the symptoms are life threateningly pronounced enough, there seems to be nothing that the 40+ doctors I’ve consulted over the years can do. As my undiagnosed autoimmune condition worsens, it’s evident that I have lupus-like symptoms but I do not yet have a diagnosis. I work full time and also take on a considerable amount of freelance work. I do this because I’m driven; physically I know my body wants to die. Mentally, I have never lost the drive...

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Abuse, Your Local LARP, Missing Stairs, and Broken Ones

It’s never the kind of thing you know when you walk into a LARP (live action role playing game) or other geek community of any scale: is this a safe place? Is this guy walking next to me on a trail alone in the woods a rapist? Is the man who is 20 years my senior just being friendly and in character, or is he taking advantage? When I think back to my first LARP experience, I remember thinking these things.  Content warning: this post is about rape culture, abuse, and LARP communities. It wasn’t about being new to...

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Lady Geeks, LARPers: 2015 Warren County Sci-Fi Fantasy Day

The Geek Initiative Contributor and Bardist-In-Residence Ysabel headed to the Warren County Sci-Fi Fantasy Day in Warren County, NJ on July 11, 2015. Ysabel met up with new and old friends alike – and the lady geeks were out in force! The geeks hit the streets! Dicebags by Erin selling really nifty handmade dice bags! Check her out on ! Read Heart of Wonderland? Like fairytale mashups & female pro tags? Check out Kristina Garlick! LAIRE players showing brand new larpers how it’s done. Superheroes live after EVERY apocalypse. What superpower would you bring to life at Oblivion LARP?...

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How To Dance Through Your Summer LARPing

A summer LARP guide by Hawk Firestorm Note: This previously published content is presented with permission of the author. Summer is here (in the northern hemisphere, anyway) and everyone wants to play, including the bugs.  So as you’re grabbing your gear and prepping for the next event, I wanna bring your attention to an oft-neglected portion of the LARPer kit: the practicalities. I am not just referring to the things like your personalized first aid kit (those braces sized for *you* for joints that tend to go, your preferred NSAIDs for aches and pains, daily meds, substitutes for common treatments...

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Summer Style at LARP: Stay Cool, Look Great!

A summer LARP guide by Hawk Firestorm Note: This previously published content is presented with permission of the author. Summer is fast approaching, and with it, the usual concerns about Straw-men, Kobolds, and opportunistic bandit raiders. Oh, and some wardrobe issues as well. Costuming doesn’t always change when the weather does, but it should- the conditions have, and if nothing else, the colors of the landscape you’re fighting and sometimes hiding in have. I myself change my costuming a fair bit, but most of that is in the under-layers, and what I am wearing (or not) for my torso. One...

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In Defense of Ella from ‘Cinderella’

Imagine this: your family is cruel, cutting you down at every opportunity. Maybe it gets physical sometimes, maybe it doesn’t. You’re old enough to start making decisions for yourself, but not old enough to really “make it” on your own. They have control of everything – your time, your money, your possessions. But you know that if you hold out just a little bit longer, something good will happen. Things will get better. But for now, you just have to grit your teeth and endure. Sound familiar? I’ve just described the basic concept of Disney’s live-action Cinderella, which has...

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Geek Food: Cannonballs! Pirate Eats for Cold Nights

From the Files of Dr. Von Frankenfood: Cannonballs Away! by Dan Green, A Saucey Gent So here in the frozen north, we wouldn’t venture out on to the high seas this time of year, but history tells a very different tale. How many of us smile, even a little bit, when we hear the names Tortuga or Blackbeard? Admit it, at some point in your childhood (extended or otherwise) you wanted to be a pirate. There’s no shame in that of course, in fact, I say embrace it… lord knows I did for years working and attending local renaissance...

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