It’s always hard to find gifts for book lovers as you never know where and which genre their mind is on at a particular time. Hence gift selection for them is always a hard task. Yes, you can gift them more books which you think they might enjoy reading and they will appreciate it. But, getting them something more personalized that will truly wow them is a delight in itself because you know that they will relish in it and enjoy it. This is why I’ve put together a list of items that you can gift to your book lover friends, siblings or partner.

A Personal Library Kit

This is a very thoughtful gift, especially for book nerds in the true sense of the word. They can catalog the books they own, the ones they have read and the ones they wish to read. There are several online websites where you can do the cataloging, but most book lovers will prefer to do it the old-style way. It’s got stamps, different sections and just an overall amazing gift for your book nerds.

Storiarts Collection

You might have heard of stories on amazon and how amazing her product collection is. Well, she makes a variety of things like scarves, hand gloves, cloth bags and other things that have book quotes on them. Her most popular item, which she began with, was the pride and prejudice scarf which had the brilliant words of Jane Austen on them, and now she makes all sorts of things. You can check out her page through the link below and search for yourself the thing your friend will enjoy most.

Jane Austen Coasters

A hot beverage always accompanies a book, and these coasters are a perfect gift for the holidays as hot chocolates and even egg nog is a favorite for almost everyone. These six coasters have all the works of Jane Austen on each, and anyone who is a classics fan will love them. It’s sort of like a list in itself, and you can read the books you haven’t read or go back and re-read them for the feels again.


All sorts of different and beautiful bookmarks are available on Amazon, and these particular ones I liked the most are wooden, which means they will last longer. The sun depiction and the trees engraved are a cherry on top. There are beads on a string attached to the top of the bookmark, which gives it an artistic look. Bookmarks are a classic gift for a book lover, and this wooden one won’t damage the page or dent it.

Highlighters and Marker Set for Books

Even though highlighters are present in almost every household, book-specific highlighters are new and exciting for book readers. They give slightly less ink than a normal marker which is best not to leave ink stains and a lot lighter on the books. They are present in different colors, which is a plus point. This particular set also contains a pen set which is great for annotating books. There will be no bleed with these pens, and even if you accidentally touch it with your fingers, they won’t blemish.

T-Shirts and Other Items

Gifts specific to books are so precious, even when it’s an item that has no relation to books. In such cases, t-shirts, mugs and other gadgets come in handy as gifts or just different small gifts with quotations or buildings from the books your friends love.