We all have those movie geeks who constantly try to include their passion for movies into their daily lives, especially during holidays. Whether it is star wars, the marvel universe, or even plain old harry potter, they try to make every party with a theme about them and incorporate as many elements as possible. Whether we admit it or not, we are all obsessed with one thing or the other, and even our kids are super fans of such movies and storylines. Hence for such amazing geeks, we will go through some delightful holiday treats, which will not only keep the spirit of the holiday alive but also satisfy our inner geeks.

Light-Saber Star Wars Cookies

We will be starting with a classic light-saber swords cookie from the Star Wars movies. They are extremely easy to make and very symbolic to add to your dinner table as everyone will resonate with them and have their theories and stories about them. You will bake a simple X-shaped cookie and then cover it with white frosting. You can then use green, red and grey edible markers to outline and then put the same colored frosting on top of it or make the swords with the edible marker.

Star Wars Galaxy Themed Donuts

Donuts are well-loved by all, and adding them to your table will color it up and give it a very aesthetic look. Galaxy theme is created with gelatin sheets and white chocolate, and if you practice it one or two times, you can nail the different colors and textures. We usually use dark blue, purple and bright pink colors and pour all the mixtures in one bowl, give it one light stir and then pour it on top of the donut. You can then use a toothbrush to sprinkle white stars on it, completing the donut.

Wonder Woman Pie

Wonder woman is a classic favorite, mostly among children and teenagers. What gives more of a warm, holiday-like feel than a pie. The inner filling is entirely up to, and you can customize as per your liking, but the actual catch is in the decoration from the pie crust on top of it. You will cut out the stars, a total of six for three on top and three below. Then in the middle, there will be two W’s cut out in the wonder women logo style.

Infinity Gems Cupcakes

We all had obsessed over the avenger’s endgame movie when it came out, and there was some serious obsession for it before and after its release. Using the infinity gems concept to make cupcakes is another brilliant idea for your geeky treats game. You can do a basic vanilla flavored cupcake and add all the infinity stones colors to different bowls with the mixture. Then for the stones, you will need gem-shaped molds in which you can harden different colors of white chocolate and place them on the cupcakes or use different frosting colors to make the gems on the cupcakes.

Ginger Bread Wookie Cookies

Gingerbread is a party favorite during the holidays, and making star wars themed one will earn you some brownie points. For a Wookie cookie, you need the standard gingerbread man cookie cutter. After the cookies are baked, you will pipe a thick line of either chocolate or dark brown frosting across the torso. You can then sprinkle small white beads on it. You will give it a smile with white frosting and eyes as well, and you have your Wookie cookies already!