You’re gonna love Ittle Dew.

Lets have some fun: raise your hands if you thought you were playing Legend of Zelda as Zelda when you got it on NES. Don’t be embarrassed; Zelda isn’t a common name, maybe you didn’t read the manual or let the game hit demo mode for the story.  

Good, I see most of your hands are raised.

It wasn’t until a Kenna did a sprite swap that Zelda could star in a game called Zelda.  

This isn’t the first time there was a gender or character swap in video games.  

Windwaker had all the pronouns swapped because of a father who want to make sure his daughter knew she could be a hero… and then there was Pauline saving Mario from Donkey Kong.  

Ittle Dew stars a young adventurer washed up on an island.   

The game was actually pitched to be Zelda game, but was turned down, stating that  “well we like to make Zelda games internally but thank you very much. You’re welcome to release it as is, for yourself.”  I am glad they did because the game is simply fantastic.  


Expect more puzzles and less combat than a typical overhead adventure game. Ittle Dew also has a  pretty steady pace for unlocking parts of the game, so you don’t spend too much time in one environment and get bored.  

Each unlockable item even adds to the combat in an interesting way. The second item I got was the Teleportation Wad. This item has two modes, first you lay down a block where you want to teleport.  

This block can pops up after you walk off of it, and then it pops up. If an enemy walks onto the block during the pop up animation, the enemy will be catapult off the screen. A second tactic with that same weapon is to push the block onto spikes, then teleport the monster onto the spikes.  

The game developers also have a sense of humor. They have a cut scenes whenever a new enemy is introduced and there is always funny dialog.  

It is sad that games always seem to focus on drama and being taken seriously. Sometimes it is nice just to smile along and laugh at a joke.  


The combat hit detection can be a bit bad at times. It doesn’t detract from from the game, but can make for a couple of frustrating moments in an amazingly fun game.


Definitely buy this game, its on Windows, Wii U,  Linux, IOS, Ouya, and Android.  It isn’t a long game, but it is a memorable one. Luckily, Ittle Dew Two is currently in production.

Til next time, be the Zelda in Zelda and have an adventure.