So this is going to be a different from the other articles in this series. I shouldn’t have to tell you Mirror’s Edge is a great game. In all fairness, you should already own a copy.  

In the other articles, I focused more on the game, and if it was worth your hard-earned dollar, and didn’t consider if the protagonist was a positive role model.  

So I am going to pretend I have a daughter and try to figure out if I would be happy with her turning out like Faith.

The Gym

You wouldn’t know by looking at me, but I love going to the gym. I have always been a large person. Even after two and a half years and a half years loading trucks for UPS I was still a 20 or 22W depending on brand…wait I am supposed to lie about size. I meant to say 16 to 18W. Technically petite because of my small legs but this article isn’t about clothing’s convoluted sizing conventions.


Faith’s entire job is about endurance and running. She runs everywhere for work, Up buildings, along billboards, jumps over fences, and slides under everything.  

So if I was a good father, I think when the heat dies down, and the secret police aren’t trying to kill her, Faith would meet me at the gym and maybe even brunch afterwards.  

The fatherhood trifecta: bonding activity and brunch.  We ask for so little, even our trifectas only have two things.

Self Defense

Parents will do anything to protect their kids: Fathers will enter arm wrestling contests just to win some money, or buy a custom sefaith-connors-mirrors-edge-hd_gtfwmi truck to start a shipping company.

All just to provide for the little Winston Churchills. Heck I saw a mother put on a robotic exoskeleton and punch a H.R. Giger looking thing just to be reunited with
her kid.

Honestly, I’m not sure of the timeline in that last reference.  I was still Eiffel Towering from the “Over the Top” Reference, so much so that I made another reference.  


With Faith you don’t need to worry, she can disarm and take down almost anyone without firing a single bullet.Speaking of bullets, she can take a couple of slugs before going down. I am pretty sure if I was grazed by a bullet I would be screaming my lungs off like a little kid getting a shot at the doctor’s.  

Points of Concern

With her always trying to overthrow the government, I would be afraid of being father-napped and used as a pawn or even worse being part of the problem and having to learn a life lesson like a crap sitcom.  

That mightMirrors-Edge-PS3 get tiring after a little while. With the face tattoo I would be worried about her biting off my ear and making a cameo in a Zack Galafanakis movie.  

In Conclusion

I would would be proud to have Faith as a daughter, so by my “Logic” that makes her a great female role model.  

Do you concur?

Till next time,  you gotta have Faith, Faith, Faith…