LARP Spotlights: I want to know about your games!

Would you like to have your LARP featured on the LARP Examiner site (located at: Here’s what you need to do:

1) E-mail Tara at with answers to the following questions.

Note: The spotlight will appear in interview format. Games based in the United States only (if you are interested in speaking with me about a feature on an international game, contact me separately!) Unconventional game formats are welcome. Please provide at least two complete sentences for questions requiring longer answers (paragraph-long responses are certainly welcome). Responses will be edited only for grammar. Responses that slander specific persons or games will not be accepted.

What is your game called?

Where is your game located?

What is the genre of your game (medieval fantasy, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi)?

How does combat work in your game?

What types of people are drawn to your game?

What makes your game different from others?

What advice would you give to new or experienced LARPers interested in trying your game?

How can we find you online? (Website, Facebook, etc.):

What is the best way for new players to contact you with questions about your game?

Any other comments or additional information you’d like to provide about LARPing and/or your game:

Your REAL name and title as you would like it to appear in print (“Peter Blake, Game Marshal of Dragons Eat People LARP”):

2) If possible, please include 1-2 photos. Ideas include: your game’s logo, character portrait. You MUST include a permissions line with your photo (example: “Photo by Jane Lane, Tasty With Ketchup Press Kit”)

3) You may also include a YouTube link to your game’s trailer (I can embed it), direct link to your rulebook, etc.

Please feel free to forward this message.

Thank you!

Tara M. Clapper, LARP Examiner

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