Misty Knight teams up
with Valkyrie to lead the
Fearless Defenders.

You may have noticed that at least half of the movie theater was filled with women when you went to see The Avengers. Why were we there? A compelling story that was easy to follow, a director who focuses on gender equality, or the way Captain America moves just before he knocks a punching bag across the room? All of the above.

After my positive experiences with the recent movies set in the Marvel Universe, I decided to peruse the original medium and see if the comics appealed to me as much as the movies based upon their long history.

While I found that comic books still had some catching up to do, I did find some good reads, such as:

This week, however, Marvel announced the release of Fearless Defenders, which follows Misty Knight  (also an African-American) and Valkyrie as they assemble an all-female team focused on protecting others.

Aside from the obvious all-female team, I’m interested in this story because it again entwines the practices and interactions of Earth (Midgard) and Asgard. The pairing is an unlikely one, and as a comic book novice, I look forward to learning more about these characters.

According to writer Cullen Bunn’s comments on the pair, they were carefully chosen to engage readers and establish a larger team. Misty and Val will apparently harbor very different viewpoints on issues, but will need to work together to complete goals.

This is a particularly important lesson for young readers, and it’s one I think on even more in a post-election America.

Can’t wait to see some Misty and Val costumes at upcoming conventions!

Are you looking forward to the release of Fearless Defenders?

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