Hello, True Believers!

It certainly has been a while since I last graced your computer/phone screens with my awesomeness. Today I bring you a rundown and review of who I am sure will be your new favorite web-slinger: Spider-Gwen! Or, as she’s commonly known to the good citizens of New York on Earth-65: the villainous Spider-Woman!  She’s got her own series now, written by Jason Latour, with art by Robbie Rodriguez. So let me give you the 411 on the new Web Head. Ready?

When we last saw Spider-Gwen, she was currently part of a group of Spider People fighting off the villiainous Morlun. When he and his pals were defeated, Gwen was sent back to her own universe – see the Edge of Spider-Verse arc for details! However, the fun just never stops with Spidey around! Soon good ol’ NYC is attacked by the bird in green spandex: Vulture! This one seems a bit more dodgy than the one we all know and love from Earth-616 (technically our universe). With Spider-Gwen on the hunt, you can be sure the bird brain will be captured.

All the wall-crawler really wants to do is show some goodwill to the folks at NYPD and prove to them she is not the villain here.

Overall, the first issue was such a blast to read! Gwen definitely has her work cut out for her. She most positively has that Parker charm, and mouth, that those familiar with the Peter Parker incarnation will easily recognize and settle to appreciate if they’ve previously had their doubts. This reader most definitely cannot wait for the next issue to see what Spider-Gwen will get up to next!

While Marvel does have some awesome female superheroes currently in its ranks, it is refreshing to see a character such as Gwen Stacy taking up the mantle of Spider-Woman and doing her own thing. Maybe one day we will see Spider-Gwen up there on the big screen fighting alongside other female supers. Kudos to you, Marvel! Keep it up!

Until next time, True Believers! Excelsior!

Be sure to check out Spider-Gwen #2 swinging onto shelves this Wednesday, March 11th, at your local comic shop.  Digital copies available on Marvel.com.