The long-awaited Beyond Light expansion has been released, and the fans of this MMOFPSRPG can finally use the heavily promoted Stasis sub-class. The stakes are high for Bungie as Destiny 2 has been losing its momentum for quite a long time. Together with the Season of the Hunt, Beyond Light will give Destiny players a reason to start up their engines once again and to assume their role as Guardians. Things are getting even better for console users, as Destiny’s look and feel has benefited from the capabilities of next-generation consoles. The upcoming months are extremely important for the Bellevue based developers, as it is the period during which we will find out if the ninth generation of gaming has a place for Destiny 2. 

Destiny 2 was in desperate need of reforms. The repetitive missions were getting boring, the seasonal additions were not really bringing in any added value for the players, and the players had no more reasons to join multiplayer quests. With all its pluses and all its minuses, Beyond Light will give players a reason to retry the game and to experience the Stasis sub-classes. Additionally, with Beyond Light, commences a period during which players can visit new locations. This is great, especially considering that the interest for several battlefields around the galaxy had reached its saturation point. 


Even so, Stasis and all the extra contents for Beyond Light might not be enough to keep players engaged for long, as gaming seems to be progressing at a faster pace than that of Destiny 2. Long-term Destiny fans have already left the game and are now looking for more enjoyable gaming experiences, such as playing games like Deuces Wild slots in the United Kingdom. On top of that, the release of the new consoles has opened the gates for newer and more modern multiplayer games. In all honesty, Bungie’s ten-year plan for Destiny 2 has never looked more unrealistic. For the game to stay up to par with its MMO competition, the developers will need to come up with seasonal contents that will literally blow the minds of Destiny players. 

The combination of Beyond Light and of the Season of the Hunt is Bungie’s last bet for 2020. If the expansion and the new season bring positive results, then Bungie will have a full year ahead of them to work on the future of the Destiny 2 universe. If not, then developing Destiny 3 will go at the top of the priority list for the Bungie executives.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 and Potential MMORPG Competitors

There are several MMORPGs scheduled for release in the upcoming months. Many of them feel like strong contenders for the overall market-pie of this gaming genre. Amazon Studios are launching New World; an RPG set in 17th century America. Ashes of Creation is a Game of Thrones-like MMO that promises hundreds of hours of online gameplay. Moving deeper into the world of wizards and warlocks, Magic: The Gathering is considered one of the most anticipated online games, and it is hinted as next year’s best-seller. Finally, one should not forget the king of first-person shooters, Call of Duty. The Cold War edition of the game is currently entertaining millions of players, and its audience is only going to get bigger.