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Get To Know Gal: An Interview With ‘Wonder Woman’ Gal Gadot

This summer has just ended, but I’m already thinking about the summer of 2017. On June 2, “Wonder Woman” (starring Gal Gadot) will finally come to the big screen as a solo film. Initially, it was due to be released this winter, but I’m glad the Powers That Be realized that they had a film worthy of a summer release with incredible blockbuster potential. Gal Gadot brings power, grace, and beauty to the role, and I for one cannot not wait to see director Patty Jenkins’ final product.  Gal was kind enough to give a few moments of her time to answer some...

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All About the Fans: Interview with Legion M’s Jeff Annison

I remember several weeks ago, scrolling down my Facebook news feed, and seeing this ad for a studio called Legion M. Normally I scroll on by ads, cause, ads, but this one gave me pause – it said in the preview that it was a fan-owned studio, and that anyone could invest.  I clicked the link – another rarity – and read up on it. Founded in 2016, it allows fans to invest in the creation of film, TV, and other entertainment content (for instance, a virtual reality interview with Stan Lee, one of their first works in progress). ...

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Review: ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Pleased This Fan

I know that the “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” film has received a ton of hate from the beginning, particularly with the casting, and as someone who was an initial naysayer, I have to put this out there for the record: we were all wrong. The film runs for two hours and forty-one minutes, which, can seem long (if the movie is shit, pardon my French).  It’s a fantastic thing that this film did not have that problem. It gives the audience this brand of rapid fire storytelling, relying on assumed, basic knowledge of the source material. Even if...

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The Truth About Richonne

Note: A lot of people don’t seem to know that “Richonne” is the combination/ship name of Rick and Michonne.  Richonne is not a misspelling; it serves a fandom purpose. After The Walking Dead episode “The Next World”, The world changed.  Rick and Michonne [finally] consummated their love for each other. All of the writings were on the wall for impending Richonne, the scene was well done and yet… There are these murmurings: “Michonne is too strong.” “She’s like his sister.” “This means she’s probably going to die.” “Wow. What a surprising choice.  What about Jessie?” “How do we know this isn’t a one-night stand?” Wow.  WOW.  Really, you guys? I first noticed this bizarre mentality when I read an EW interview with Scott Gimple.  He is asked by Dalton Ross, “Finally, what can you say about how this relationship is going to play going forward? I’m assuming this is not just a one-night stand.” Why would “one-night stand” even factor into this equation?  Have you not watched the last few seasons of the show? Did you not see the expressions on their faces?  Did it read as a, “Yeah, let’s get in” moment?  From the acting to the lighting to the music, that would get a big, fat, “NO” as a response. The comments weren’t so bad on that article, although I did stop reading…but they were pretty horrible on the...

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Jill Robi’s Top 10 Most Fascinating Characters of 2015

TEN MOST FASCINATING CHARACTERS OF 2015 Today marks the first annual “Ten Most Fascinating Characters” of the year. Sure, the year isn’t quite over, but it’s safe to say that the votes are locked up. Here is the Fangirl list: Supergirl / Kara Danvers The iconic character of Supergirl returning to the screen should have been a big deal [in a good way].  With the success of other DC properties [Arrow, The Flash, Gotham], fanfare should have been trumpeting for Supergirl, especially with the potential for crossovers.  Instead, the arrival of Kara Danvers to CBS was met with ridicule....

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LARPing or Cosplaying Drow: Is It Blackface?

When I first saw a discussion about drow and blackface, I actually didn’t even know what drow were. Apparently, they are a sub-race of elves that live in the Underdark. They have obsidian skin, with hair ranging from pale yellow, gold, white or silver. For those of you not in the know, here is the definition of blackface: black·face ˈblakfās/ noun noun: black-face the makeup used by a nonblack performer playing a black role. The role played is typically comedic or musical and usually is considered offensive. Drow are not representative of black people or Africans; they are a fictional...

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Up, Up, and Away – Supergirl Ep 1 Review

Our very own Jill gives her thoughts on CBS’s latest show, Supergirl!  I have to be honest and say that upon first seeing the promos for Supergirl, it made me think of the SNL fake trailer for a Black Widow series. My expectations were not high for this show. On the flipside, DC has been killing it with TV series, with the success of Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham (R.I.P., Constantine). Theoretically, Supergirl, being a DC property on the small screen, should have a ton of potential. Even though I wasn’t impressed with the trailer, I decided to give the pilot a go. I...

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Wizard World Pittsburgh: Chats With Lou Ferrigno, James Marsters, and More [videos]

Contributor Jill Robi speaks with Lou Ferrigno about Donald Trump and gets a hug from Dean Cain. You know, the usual. WIZARD WORLD PITTSBURGH—PRESS POV: On the weekend of Sep. 11-13, I attended Wizard World Pittsburgh as press. The tale begins at the Media Mixer, where press had the opportunity to interview LOU FERRIGNO and JAMES MARSTERS. Lou was up first, and I have to admit that I was hesitant to ask him anything, for it was hard for me to not bring up Donald Trump. So, I sat politely and listened while he was interviewed by my peers.  I am happy to report,...

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