All About the Fans: Interview with Legion M’s Jeff Annison

Jeff Annison of Legion M

I remember several weeks ago, scrolling down my Facebook news feed, and seeing this ad for a studio called Legion M. Normally I scroll on by ads, cause, ads, but this one gave me pause – it said in the preview that it was a fan-owned studio, and that anyone could invest. 

I clicked the link – another rarity – and read up on it. Founded in 2016, it allows fans to invest in the creation of film, TV, and other entertainment content (for instance, a virtual reality interview with Stan Lee, one of their first works in progress). 

Currently, the studio is being backed by Robot Chicken’s Seth Green and Gaston Dominguez of Meltdown Entertainment.

“Legion M is the world’s first FAN-OWNED entertainment company. We work with top tier Hollywood talent to create movies, TV shows, and other entertainment experiences. And for the first time in history, YOU can own a piece of it.”

Sadly, my freed up funds were going to traveling back to Chicago – Rosemont, specifically, for Wizard World Comic Con. Good fortune smiled upon me, however, and I had to opportunity to interview the co-founder and president of Legion M, Mr. Jeff Annison.

We met in the hotel lobby at noon, and he was as friendly and cheerful as can be. Jeff was very open and honest as I asked him questions, giving in-depth responses, letting me know what he really thought.

Jill Robi Interviews Jeff Annison
Jill Robi Interviews Jeff Annison

My favorite question of the afternoon was probably his response to whether or not if he himself was a fanboy:

“I’m not a hardcore fanboy of any particular series…but I love the diversity of ‘Star Wars’ [The Force Awakens]… But what really drives me–I’m a fan of fanboys and fangirls. I love seeing people that are so passionate. That’s what I love about the whole comic con community…”

After our invigorating interview, I signed up to join Legion M right away. Ready to sign up? Here’s where you can make it happen.

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