Note: A lot of people don’t seem to know that “Richonne” is the combination/ship name of Rick and Michonne.  Richonne is not a misspelling; it serves a fandom purpose.

After The Walking Dead episode “The Next World”, The world changed.  Rick and Michonne [finally] consummated their love for each other.

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All of the writings were on the wall for impending Richonne, the scene was well done and yet…

There are these murmurings:

“Michonne is too strong.”
“She’s like his sister.”
“This means she’s probably going to die.”
“Wow. What a surprising choice.  What about Jessie?”
“How do we know this isn’t a one-night stand?”

Wow.  WOW.  Really, you guys?

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I first noticed this bizarre mentality when I read an EW interview with Scott Gimple.  He is asked by Dalton Ross, “Finally, what can you say about how this relationship is going to play going forward? I’m assuming this is not just a one-night stand.”

Why would “one-night stand” even factor into this equation?  Have you not watched the last few seasons of the show? Did you not see the expressions on their faces?  Did it read as a, “Yeah, let’s get in” moment?  From the acting to the lighting to the music, that would get a big, fat, “NO” as a response.

The comments weren’t so bad on that article, although I did stop reading…but they were pretty horrible on the article on The Hollywood Reporter.

Lesley Goldberg asked, “This is a huge departure from the comics. Obviously Andrea (Laurie Holden) isn’t around anymore. How do you think diehard comic book fans will respond to Rick and Michonne’s romantic pairing? I certainly didn’t expect it to happen, let alone for it to be in this episode.”

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  1. The show is not the comics; it’s an adaptation. If you make it past season one, you should have gotten that memo.
  2. Again, how did you not see this couple happening? Were you simply not paying attention to the show? Cause it sounds like it.

I keep asking myself those questions, but I know, deep down, what the truth of it is:

Some cannot see Michonne as a love interest for Rick, I think, simply because of aesthetics.  She’s not meek, mild, fair, or blonde (i.e. she’s’ too black/not white).  It makes [some] uncomfortable. They don’t know how to handle the visual–frankly the beauty of the two leads together.

“Michonne is supposed to be the muscle! This is a total jump the shark moment for TWD!  What were the writers thinking?! Rabble rabble rabble!”review 4

Michonne is not just the muscle.  She is not asexual.  She does not deserve to be put on the back burner. But we all know those are just excuses.  It is not the job of the writers and actors of The Walking Dead to adhere to what makes you comfortable.  Michonne may not be the typical female lead.  But so what?  She is black; she is dark.  She has dreads.  She wields a sword.  She is the epitome of a strong, black woman.

But here’s the thing, guys: She isn’t just a strong [black] woman.  She is a mother.  A friend.  A love interest, and after a long, well-earned wait, a lover.  The writers did a fabulous job of making her (and most of the characters on the show) well rounded individuals.  Michonne is not excluded from this.


The writers knew that Rick needed to have his queen to the kingdom, and he found her.  Michonne is perfect for him in every way.  She is his equal; his confidant; his partner.  Now, in every sense of the word.

“But they’re such good friends!  This will ruin it!”

I’m sorry, but for those that mentioned these things—

When did that become mutually exclusive to a relationship?  In fact, isn’t the foundation of a strong, solid relationship comprised of these very things?  Let’s think on that.

richonne hand touch



It really doesn’t get more natural than what those two shared.  Rick started his day with “More Than A Feeling,” even singing jaunty tunes (much to Daryl’s lament) on his road trip, showing Rick’s state of mind.  He is a happy, happy man.  One might even go as far as to say, carefree.

This is reflected in “Knots Untie,” when, after his initial concern for how Carl would take it (and he takes it astoundingly well. Carl was happy when his dad assured him it was not a one off), Rick is comfortable once again, assuring Michonne on the drive to the Hilltop.

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Even if you table that, what they have is apparent to those around them.  Why, just ask Jesus.

The show has shown us, in a series of instances that these two love each other, and are not weakened by that love.  During the fight sequence at the Hilltop, Rick gets more aggressive when Michonne is shoved, essentially hulking out, and Michonne is ready to rock bottom the unfortunate woman who tried to step to Rick.  He defers to her thoughts, even though he clearly would go in the opposite direction.  But he trusts and respects her so much, that he will not only take what she says under advisement, he is ready and willing to fall in line.  This isn’t just true after their consummation; it was true before as well.

RichonneFor the naysayers who still can’t see it, well, chances are, you never will, and it sounds like a you-problem.




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