Who’s Who in the Whoniverse (Comic Edition)

Titan Comics: Doctor Who
Titan Comics: Doctor Who
Titan Comics: Doctor Who
Titan Comics: Doctor Who

This is the first in a series exploring the different companions of the Doctor. There have been many strong female companions the Doctor has had throughout his tenure as Gallifrey’s remaining inhabitant. This past summer, Titan Comics released the first issue in a new series featuring David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor. With a new adventure for the Doctor comes a new companion. TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) newcomer Gabriella “Gabby” Gonzales, a Mexican American, has no idea what is in store for her when the Doctor bursts into her life.

Gabby made her first appearance in “Revolutions of Terror,” the first in a run of new Tenth Doctor comics. She dreams of a different life instead of living the one she currently is: her parents are traditionalists, she works in a dead-end job helping at the family-owned laundromat, and all she wants to do is be an artist and designer. Gabby is headstrong and an independent woman. However, with her family always seemingly breathing down her throat, she feels smothered and trapped. Enter the bizarre happenings.

At the laundromat with her friend Cindy the washing machines explode in suds and water without explanation. Later, at a restaurant owned by her family, Gabby is unable to fully explain what happened. Nothing is making sense and her family does not believe her. Enter the Doctor.

The Doctor has arrived in New York on the trail of the unknown yet again. Take note that this is fresh after the Doctor has lost Donna Noble (before “The Next Doctor” Christmas special). The Doctor here seems a bit lost after his tragic departure from one of the few people who could actually keep up with him (and make him a better person, too). He is using something similar to his “dinging” machine, last seen in “Partners in Crime” (S4 Ep. 1), to find the disturbance that has brought him to the Big Apple. He soon discovers that something strange is happening to the residents of this busy city.

Certain people of New York are not being themselves. They either see strange things or themselves become strange. No one knows how or why – but they are frightened. The phenomena reaches Gabby’s family and they too are affected. Both emotionally and financially; business is drying up as more and more people are opting to stay inside.

After a fight with her father, Gabby decides to get away for a little while. On the subway ride Gabby minds her own business by doing what she loves best: drawing out her emotions. She is interrupted by screaming in the cabin. A hulking mass of a demonic-looking creature is attacking! What is even worse is that the monster reforms itself and becomes a deformed version of her! Just when she thinks it is all over, who comes to her aid? The Doctor! In trademark fashion, he takes her hand, and leads her through her first adventure.

This is how issue one ends. It does not fail to have that same thrill, excitement, and suspense as an actual episode of “Doctor Who” does. The writing by Nick Abadzis is wonderful and provides the right amount of wit so that nothing is lost on the reader. There are also instances of subtle humor not unlike those found in the “Doctor Who” series, too. Elena Casagrande, the artist for the comic, does a phenomenal job at making the characters and backgrounds look realistic and lifelike.

Gabby Gonzalez is written as a strong and independent female lead. She is like Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, and Donna Noble who came before her. This being her first appearance, there is not much room for development of her character. However, there is enough here to say that she has great potential to be another unforgettable companion of the Doctor. Gabby has the chops to take on whatever comes her way – especially if the Doctor is involved!

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