A Look At Your Favorite Superhero

Why is that particular superhero your favorite?

Most comic book and comic book movie enthusiasts answer quickly when you ask them about their favorite superhero. One of my English professors once told me that the type of monster you’d choose to embody would say something about you – and I thought about that a great deal. I picked vampire – a creature with the potential to be immortal, eloquent, impulsive, passionate, conceited, and wise.

It’s also possible to do a bit of light self-analysis based upon your favorite superhero. I know a few people who are especially into Batman, for example.

Here’s a look at what your favorite superhero could say about you.*

I admire Thor because he is very
 emotional and expressive.

Thor. Thor is my favorite superhero, obviously. I admire the way he doesn’t compromise his beliefs although others feel differently. Thor doesn’t give up on people, even his jerkface brother or us Midgardians, who are physically a lot weaker than his people. Sometimes he’s a jerk and sometimes he’s just all snuggly, and I recognize that I have a really assertive side as well as a cuddly side just like him.

Thor also realizes that even though he is of course amazing, he relies on his friends and family to complement his strengths (and he theirs). I like that he’s super strong as an individual but still needs a team. No matter how much it hurts, he’s a very honest person in a way that is sometimes baffling to humans. I totally get that, because our culture doesn’t necessarily appreciate 100% honesty, even when it’s nice.

Thor is also proud of his duties. They take a lot out of him, but he’s always willing to do what it takes to protect Asgard and Midgard, even if it means navigating morally difficult grounds or making personal sacrifices. I strive to be more like that, but also see how saying so could seem really self-important (a frequent criticism of my favorite Avenger).

I’d say I also have some mortality issues (who doesn’t?) and seeing Thor go through the ordeal of becoming mortal and falling for a mortal makes me think a lot about that in a less personal way. I didn’t think about this too much until my LARP character went through a similar journey.

Also, I like how he speaks. Grammar is a lost art. Verily.

Overall, I strive to be and be near well-intentioned paladin types. My heart just breaks every time I see people lose faith in Thor after he never loses faith in them, and I get validation from that because I’ve been there.

Batman. Batman’s probably the most popular superhero among my friends, and my friends who like Batman are pretty diverse. However, they have a few things in common:

  • They joke around a lot and sometimes have to put up a bit of a front, but they always strive to do the right thing.
  • People question their intentions and wonder whether they’re heroes or villains.
  • Their real-life alignment may not be obvious.
  • They flounder amid chaos and endeavor to combat it.
  • They see that things aren’t always black and white and accept that fact more easily than others (others meaning…like Thor fans such as myself).

Superman. My husband’s favorite superhero is Superman, so the similarities are really obvious to me. Superman is also my second-fave superhero (and not just because I like muscular men with blue eyes and red capes, I swear). Superman fans tend to:

  • Carry the weight of the world upon their shoulders.
  • Accept responsibility for more than they should.
  • Feel like outsiders, but don’t often admit it.
  • Fit in while thinking they don’t.
  • Lament being ‘jack of all trades, master of none.’
  • Be highly sentimental, although it is not obvious to others.

Iron Man. Iron Man is a favorite among my friends, especially among my female friends. Event h ough I get along well with them, I’m not sure I’d really like Tony Stark (although I am always into free drinks). I’ve noticed Iron Man fans tend to:

  • Prefer clean environments.
  • Have expensive taste, especially when permitted.
  • Like line-pushing, thrill-seeking, and risk-taking.

*I have no degree in psychology or anything like that. I am just occasionally observant about people and stuff. This is just for fun!

Who is your favorite superhero? What do you think it says about you? Answer in the comments below!

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