What’s So Appealing About Angel and Buffy?

Happy Valentine’s Day! As part of the Precious Monsters Vampire Blog Hop, I’ve committed to posting about vampires today.

Vampires are pretty popular when it comes to fictional couples. Sookie and Bill (and Sookie and Eric) from “True Blood” are popular at the moment – but my favorite is definitely Angel and Buffy from “Buffy: the Vampire Slayer.” What makes this romance so appealing to fans?

Forbidden Fate
The aspect of fate associated with the couple is very strong. A powerful vampire and a young vampire slayer generally charged with killing his kind certainly makes for an appealing forbidden romance. As a fan of the couple, I want them to overcome the challenges they face, making their trials all the more appealing – and heartbreaking.

I find the relationship between an immortal and a mortal rather fascinating. Whether in mythology or modern entertainment and fiction, why do mortals and immortals fall for each other? Perhaps it’s because love doesn’t see that sort of line, even if society and common sense do. While many people think such a pairing isn’t meant to be, I can’t help but always think true love is a greater force than other challenges, even when the fictional relationships don’t work out.

Vampires Are Sexy
Vampires are powerful, eloquent, potentially wise, and overall sexy. Their very nature is seductive, their very means of feeding penetrative. To see a vampire like Angel wish to both protect and become the lover of slayer Buffy is extremely attractive. Additionally, Buffy and Angel make a really sexy couple.

Who is your favorite movie or TV vampire?

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  1. A thought about the “mortal/immortal” thing – it’s actually kind of creepy in a way. The main reason it LOOKS all right is that the characters are generally shown as looking like teenagers or people in their early 20s. If you had, say, Edward Cullen looking like he was actually 100+ years old, stooped, gray, and wrinkled – but hanging around a high school and picking up chicks – it becomes a lot less sexy.

    The fact is that a vampire, if one could exist, of several hundred years’ age would probably find young people irritating, insufferably arrogant, self-absorbed, and completely unable to relate to someone with a wealth of life experience.

  2. I was never a huge Buffy watcher, but I think I always felt a bit relieved to know that Angel was there to watch her back – the only one of his kind who would. Until he lost his soul or whatever it was that made him so special to her. Then he was just like an other guy. LOL

  3. I was a big Buffy/Angel fan in the day :).

    Favourite vamp is such a difficult question, I have so many I like for different reasons. I love Jerry Dandrige from the original Fright Night because he’s so unapologetic and controlled, I love Michael from Underworld because half breeds push all my buttons :), Ralph from Rockula is hilarious … I could go on, but I won’t bore you :).

  4. Howdy, popping in from the Vampire Bite hop. I posted about my fave Dracula for the hop, but fave vamps in general are Eric Sinclair from MaryJanice Davidson’s “Undead and…” series; seconding Natasha’s vote for Jerry Dandridge in the original Fright Night (so HAWT); Duncan Regehr’s Dracula in The Monster Squad (menacingly HAWT), and, God help me, George Hamilton’s Drac in Love at First Bite. 😀

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