BEHOLD! A fangirl summary and review of this stunning Thor comic!

In my totally biased opinion, Thor is pretty amazing in all Marvel incarnations. “King-Size Special: The Mighty Thor! The Living Planet!” is a must for any Thor fan. I’ve added some MCU gifs to illustrate the fabulous nature of this issue.

Thor's 'I'm pining for Jane' look.

Thor’s ‘I’m pining for Jane’ look.

In the beginning of the issue, Thor is hanging out with the Greek gods…and by hanging out, I mean he’s judging them and challenging them and stuff. Thor’s mind isn’t really on them, though, but his mortal love, Jane Foster. He wants to go back to Asgard to ask permission to marry her – and he says “And, if I be denied, I shall renounce my heritage! I’ll be God of Thunder no more!” Pretty damn romantic at the start, right? Aw, Thor <3

We find Jane on a bus heading away from New York City, even though she knows Thor will soon return, looking for her. She’s done this because she “cannot resist” the suggestion of one Tana Nile, who turns out to be a space colonizer.

Odin the “A+ parent,” meanwhile, is engaged in a riveting game of chess. Despite being adorably impatient, Thor knows better than to interrupt his father. Odin begins to listen to Thor as Thor describes his love for Jane Foster (ahhhh my OTP!!!), but unfortunately, Odin is more interested in his chess match than he is in his son’s desire to marry.

Odin’s basically like ‘okay yeah whatever marry her’ and then gets back to chess. Thor is relieved that he does not have to renounce his heritage. He’s a happy thunder god, and oh-so-cute when he’s so in love. But I digress.

In their spare time, Asgardian princes like to race down the Bifrost.

In their spare time, Asgardian princes like to race down the Bifrost.

Odin starts to explain that there are other conditions and such, but Thor, being…well, rather Thor-like, rushes off to propose to his mortal love. He races down the Bifrost and flies to Jane’s apartment only to find the Rigelian equivalent of an electric fence keeping him out. Poor Thor. No wonder everyone always confuses him for a golden retriever.

He finds the aliens and demands the safe return of Jane Foster! With flawless Shakespearean grammar, he identifies Tana Nile. I mean seriously, people always joke about Thor being dumb, but he has such good grammar under pressure. That or he just responds by smashing stuff, which is also acceptable.

Pelvic sorcery anyone? I think yes.

Pelvic sorcery anyone? I think yes.

Then Tana ‘mind-thrusts‘ Thor. If only Star-Lord were present, perhaps he could counter with some ‘pelvic sorcery.’

But alas, Thor is without help from allies. Tana reveals herself as empress and tries to take over Earth, like Galadriel if she had given in to the ring. Damn.

Thor learns that the colonizer empress lady wants to use some cray device called a space lock to alter Earth’s temperatures dramatically.

Actually, Thor is both smart AND good-looking, which makes him almost as awesome as his Midgardian girlfriend.

Actually, Thor is both smart AND good-looking, which makes him almost as awesome as his Midgardian girlfriend.

Now, people also assume Thor is stupid (maybe because he’s kind of a hot jock, let’s be real), but he has to watch Odin play chess all the time so he learned something about good old-fashioned strategy. With incredible concentration, Thor understands that while in the mind-thrust, he is shielded from these weapons (although he’s restrained). Plus, he can listen in on the diabolical plans of the colonizers.

Not so stupid, methinks.

Then Thor is all iced and stuff, because they consider him a threat. As they should, because he’s mighty. He looks a bit like Han Solo at this point, although Han is slightly less attractive and slightly more trickstery. (Please do not write Thorki fanfic about how that came to be.)

Thor gets out of that craziness and dramatically asserts: “Still do I live — thus, still do I fight!” And then he attempts to fight the power of unlimited density, because nbd, he’s Thor. I mean seriously, space lady, have you even seen Mjolnir? Try to pick up the hammer, then talk to Thor about your ‘space density’ expertise.

Everyone is Thorsexual.

Everyone is Thorsexual.

Then Tana tries to use the storms of space. But let’s be real, this is Thor…and that’s his job. So now she’s literally stealing his thunder, not to mention his beloved’s planet. So Thor is angry. He’s blasted away on a spaceship to Rigel, and worried about all of Earth being doomed…and in particular, his beloved Jane Foster, because OTP.

He gets to Rigel and the aliens want to mind-thrust him. This time, it’s men who want to do the mind-thrusting, but as my friend Kristen says, “everyone is Thorsexual.” He is pretty amazing.

Naturally, Thor defeats everything thrown at him and all of the men from Rigel blame Tana Nile for failing to report that Earth had such a powerful defender as Thor. But since it looks like they have a Smurfette situation going on (how many females are there on Rigel?), maybe they should think twice about that kind of thing.

Thor learns about the Black Galaxy and gets even angrier at the Rigelians.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Jane is leaving on a jet plane and wants to “go back, and see the man I love once again…to feel the strong arms of Thor around me.” She confesses this to another plane passenger, who is kinda creepy looking.

Thor travels through the Black Galaxy to return to Earth and Jane, but he runs into Ego (continued in the next issue, of course).


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