I have to admit – I am ridiculously excited for Sailor Moon: Crystal. For many of us lady geeks, Sailor Moon was the show that introduced us to geekdom as a whole. It was a big part of my middle school experience, and I definitely remember the long waiting lists in the library for the manga volumes.

No one can argue that the Sailor Moon franchise isn’t wildly successful and a huge cash cow. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean every reboot is going to enjoy the same success as the original manga and anime. Remember the live action series? It had an interesting spin on the story we all know and love, but I could never decide whether doll Luna was cute or creepy.

There’s a lot of things fans of the franchise, or Moonies, are looking forward to, including:

1. Updated graphics and music.

Compared to modern anime, Sailor Moon really looks dated. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the attacks, transformations, and scenery rendered in better graphics. I am also really looking forward to the new soundtrack. There were some beautiful songs in the original show, but there was also a strong 80’s/early 90’s vibe.

Sailor Moon: Crystal’s composer has worked on one of my favorite soundtracks, so I’m really excited to see what he does on this project.

2. Fighting evil by moonlight…

Speaking of music, call me traditional, but I want at least one episode to have an updated version of the original theme song. It’s so iconic that I doubt I can write ‘Sailor Moon’ without lots of people remembering the song.

I’ll settle for an instrumental version on the soundtrack. But it needs to be in there somewhere.

3. Relevant themes.

It’s not easy being a teenage girl, and I want the reboot to continue being supportive of a wider range of lifestyles. The media puts a lot of pressure on girls to act and dress a certain way, and Sailor Moon was particularly awesome because it never presented a ‘right’ way to be. You can be a tomboy and like cooking. You can pay attention to fashion trends and still kick butt in high heels.

I think it’s also very important that they continue past the first season and show Sailors Uranus and Neptune. Middle school is when a lot of girls start dating and having crushes, and I think it’s very important that there be multiple examples of healthy straight and queer relationships in shows targeted to them.

I also really, really want them to use Rei’s manga personality for the reboot. For those of you who never read the comics, Sailor Mars was generally uninterested in romance and had in fact made a vow of chastity in her past life. Often characters who aren’t interested in relationships are shown as broken, uncaring, or inhuman, and I want the Sailor Moon reboot to smash that concept to bits.

Basically, I want Sailor Moon: Crystal to stress that however you want to be a girl is okay and whoever you choose to love (or not) is okay, too.

4. Don’t pander to the perverts.

Along those lines, I would be very disappointed if Sailor Moon: Crystal is full of panty shots and characters drawn to look very young, cute, and harmless. I get it – people like Sailor Moon for different reasons. But if you just want to ogle animated girls and their animated underwear, there are shows out there that cater to your interests. Sailor Moon is not that show. Leave it alone.

5. Make more than one season!

I’m not suggesting Sailor Moon needs to go on for years until it jumps the shark. However, I would like to see them at least complete the manga storyline instead of ending with the first arc. Moonies have been waiting years for a successful reboot, and ending the anime at the first arc doesn’t let them explore some of the more interesting issues the later arcs raise.

What do you want to see in Sailor Moon: Crystal? Let me know in the comments below!