The Geek Initiative is now accepting submissions for those who wish to be a part of our LARPer Profiles! LARPer Profiles are interviews by volunteers to tell us about their double-lives they lead and to help promote LARP-positive awareness.

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These LARPer Profiles are to help engage others in the community of both those who do and do not LARP. We are seeking participants from all genres of games, gender identities, and countries to volunteer and to show-off their counterpart personae.

In order to be selected for The Geek Initiative’s LARPer Profiles, you must adhere to the following guidelines provided:

1)      A brief biography of you and your LARPing history. No more than a small paragraph of three to five sentences.
2)      Tell us why you want to be interviewed.
3)      Must be ready to submit professional-like and quality photos for the review if selected.
4)      Email

If selected, you will receive an email within three to five weeks of your submission and a link to profile when it becomes live.