Kevin Smith was thrilled that this Halloween, his 16-year-old daughter finally dressed up as her namesake, Harley Quinn. As you can see, she looks amazing and did a pretty fantastic job of interpreting the character.

However, OH NO! Some people were just so damn offended by a 16-year-old young woman showing that much cleavage. They took to Kevin’s photo post, on Facebook, the next day, to complain about it. They questioned his and his wife Jennifer’s parenting ability because they presumably think that showing a little skin is just awful.

Sadly, this isn’t even remotely the first time that random people have criticized Kevin and Jennifer for letting Harley be “scantily-clad.” I remember specifically (because I wrote an article about it, that Kevin liked, on a site that no longer exists), a couple of years ago, some shocking comments on a picture that he posted of the two of them at lunch. There were some truly heinous words from people who clearly had no idea what they were talking about. Or grew up Amish, apparently.

Anyway, this time, Miss Harley took on the comments of the whiny prudes. She posted on Instagram a lengthy comment in which she called out the judgments against her and her parents.

I shouldn’t have to explain myself, but some people are so ignorant that I feel like I have to put some sense into the situation. The fact that people have the nerve to slut shame and body shame me, a 16 year old girl who is fully capable of making her own rational decisions, is ridiculous.

She addressed how she was raised has helped her become a smart, rational woman, in control of her own body. She also shut down the whole slut-shaming nonsense. She explained that people are being irrational by calling her outfit promiscuous, and misogynists need to hush, because she’s going to wear whatever she wants as she’s allowed to do. I’m not going to lie. The whole thing, even though eloquently put, made me literally laugh out loud, and say, “Daaaaamn!” In the wrestling fandom, that’s what we refer to as a pipebomb. And it was an epic one.

[Tweet “.@Misha_Mayhem discusses Harley Quinn Smith’s #HarleyQuinn Halloween costume.”]

I’m proud of Harley Quinn for standing up to this kind of nonsense. She didn’t do anything wrong by wearing this stunning costume, that paid homage to her namesake. She’s not doing anything wrong when she is otherwise “scantily-clad” either. And Kevin and Jennifer seem to be doing just a fine job of raising her well, including allowing her to wear what she wants. If they weren’t, I feel like we’d see her in the news, along with other young actresses and actors, for senseless and possibly illegal shenanigans.

It sounds like Kevin and Jennifer have empowered Harley Quinn to make responsible choices and to be in charge of her own body and her own life.

And if people still think that this is a bad thing? Well, they’ll just have to get over it, Puddin’.