Okay, so…this was the hardest writing prompt ever. I have to do 500 words or less using only the imperative. I went with a very strong character who uses language this way. Who is the character and to whom is the character writing?

Letter From Across the Bridge

Forgive me. Consider me as you look upward. Know that–no, you can’t know–that I am able to hear of you from someone who can see you. Whisper your thoughts to the stars and I shall receive them. Worry if you want although it hurts me to see you distraught. Understand that I worry too. Protect yourself, for I cannot protect you from afar. Trust yourself and if he harms you then I apologize for when you have to watch his life end. See the lightning, feel the rain. Embody the thunder for you are brave and it was not I that made you so.

Accept my apology, for you are my softness, and now my heart is known to my enemies. Feel the strain in my words, the helplessness in my eyes, and the longing of my empty arms. Believe that having all of this is meaningless without you by my side to enjoy the bounty. Forgive me. Forgive me for not being there to protect you. Take my vow and know that I will not dishonor you. Follow the stars to the truth. Find it is fact that I shall return for you.

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