Wonder Woman to Appear in a Movie Mainly About Men

D.C. and Warner Bros. screwed up. They have in their menagerie the single most iconic female superhero in existence: Wonder Woman. Not only is she a strong and intriguing character, but an enduring symbol of feminism admired and respected by multiple generations of women and men.

How are they planning to introduce Wonder Woman? As a character in the upcoming “Batman vs. Superman.”

She doesn’t get her own movie. She doesn’t get her name in the working title of the movie. Even if she is the one who saves the day at the end of the film, she isn’t headlining the movie.

If there is one female character ‘safe’ to headline a movie, it’s Wonder Woman.

D.C.’s move to lump her into a movie so her own franchise could be ‘launched’ by Superman and Batman is disrespectful to her character and all that she represents.

In the race against Marvel, this should have been the easiest battle to win. While Marvel has some amazing female characters and constantly updates characters like Jane Foster and Pepper Potts to be relatable, they don’t have Wonder Woman. While Marvel is developing at least one series with a female superhero lead, D.C. drops the ball by shoving Wonder Woman in someone else’s film.

There’s also been a lot of talk about casting when it comes to Wonder Woman with the reveal: the role goes to Gal Gadot, an actor with 2 years’ military experience who also happens to be very slender. While we all expect WW to be healthy and fit, many fans aren’t pleased with the lack of curves and muscle. And while Gadot looks great and is likely a positive role model for women and girls, she doesn’t have a Wonder Woman build – yet. After all, fans doubted Chris Hemsworth as Thor (just read the comments) partially due to his build at the time of casting, and he bulked up pretty quickly.

While I’d rather see someone with more of a Xena build and think there should be more heroes like that, I’d rather wait and see what Gadot looks like when she starts shooting the movie.





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