Author: Misha Mayhem

‘I Was Raised To Be Racist’: A White Woman’s Perspective on #BlackLivesMatter

In honor of Black History Month, I’ve decided to share my thoughts on race issues, as a Caucasian woman. Given the news stories regarding race, especially since the church shooting in South Carolina this past summer, the topic of race and the division it causes weighs heavily on my mind. Also, it’s not exactly hard to encounter because of where in live in Central Virginia, and having grown up in Southwest Virginia. And even though I escaped that way of thinking, I was raised to be racist by a fairly racist father. We butt heads a lot of times over the...

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Co-Ed Wrestling: The Case For Intergender Matches in the WWE

Recently, I’ve been writing more and more about the professional wrestling industry. As loyal readers may know, I’ve been a fan of the very flawed WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) promotion, despite being fed up with the current goings-on, especially in the Divas Division. However, as a saving grace, my best friend introduced me to a wrestling promotion that seemingly does everything right. That promotion is called Lucha Underground, and it is based in Los Angeles, at “The Temple” (their arena). I’m only a few episodes in (I started watching at the beginning of season two), but I already love...

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No Fair Flair: Who’s Really Credited for Charlotte’s Divas Championship?

If you’ve been following the pro wrestling fandom, you know that things are in a constant state of ups and downs when it comes to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The booking has been stale, storylines have been recycled in what seems to be an endless loop, the same people are getting pointless pushes, some of the top talents are out due to some pretty substantial injuries, and a lot of the remaining top talent keeps getting passed over. These are just a few of the many problems that plague this particular promotion. There is another in particular that really grinds...

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Get Over It, Puddin’: Harley Quinn Smith Responds to Naysayers About Halloween Costume

Kevin Smith was thrilled that this Halloween, his 16-year-old daughter finally dressed up as her namesake, Harley Quinn. As you can see, she looks amazing and did a pretty fantastic job of interpreting the character. living up to the name A post shared by Harley Quinn Smith (@harleyquinnsmith) on Oct 31, 2015 at 11:51pm PDT However, OH NO! Some people were just so damn offended by a 16-year-old young woman showing that much cleavage. They took to Kevin’s photo post, on Facebook, the next day, to complain about it. They questioned his and his wife Jennifer’s parenting ability because they...

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How Sexism Hurts Men in Sports Entertainment: A Look at the WWE Divas Division

It’s no secret that I am a professional wrestling fan. It’s also pretty well-known that I have a lot of impassioned opinions based upon my viewership. Within the past week, I’ve become increasingly annoyed with the sexism in sports entertainment and how it affects female and male talent. We always hear about sexism in WWE, and yes, it is still a prevalent thing that will always need to be talked about. However, I feel like we never hear about how this sexism also hurts the male stars and the sport itself. Or we see it, but sweep it under the...

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Facets of Fandom: The He-Man Woman Hater’s Club (No Female Fans Allowed)

As I said in my original article, “Facets of Fandom: An Introduction,” I will be delving into different aspects of fandoms, how to get your foot in the door in the door, and navigate different issues in the fandom world. This is my first one, and since The Geek Initiative celebrates women in geek culture, I feel it’s fitting to start with what it’s like to be a female fan in male-dense fandoms. I will not be pulling an Anita Sarkeesian, slamming all men, just because they are men, in fandoms that may not be so friendly to females....

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A Sorry State of Affairs: The Divas Division of WWE

Recently, the following article was brought to my attention. It is called “A Feminist Sensibility: Wrestling Network Chance for Divas to Make Moolah.”  The title is misleading, as it has nothing to do with the WWE Network, aside from the author typing the words in without really talking about it. Also, it is an article written by someone who (as she states) is not even a WWE fan. I will not deny that she makes a few good points, which is what I will call “a broken clock still being right, twice a day.” Some of the points she makes...

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Facets of Fandom: An Introduction

These days, there are fandoms for everything. If something exists, there’s probably a fandom following, whether it’s a cult following, or more niche. Geek culture itself, is a fandom, really. Then, there are many, many fandom branches. Because there are so many, it may be hard to find a place to fit in well and know just what the hell is going on. I consider myself somewhat of a geek culture veteran, even though I really only got into it at the end of 2011. However, I have seen enough of the fandom life, both good and bad, to...

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