Disclosure: Republished with permission from Care About the Strays dba Cats for Adoption

If you google “whisker fatigue” in cats, majority of the first page links that pop up are all dated to mid-2015. Almost every person I’ve spoken to, who has/had or never had a cat or pet, responded what the hell is whisker fatigue? So, that’s when I discovered Dr. Catsby.

10015167_378746535642286_2117538714209898209_nThe more I dove into information about cat health while doing research for upcoming articles and events, I discovered Dr. Catsby. It’s fascinates me how much the the human body can do, but others are even more so. Underneath the whiskers, located is a sensory organ is located at the end of each cat whisker. They signal to the brain and nervous system that can tell them the slightest change in air vibration. All felines are farsighted and whiskers are a part of their survival.

Within the next few days, I reached out to Dr. Catsby, who create bowls for cats to avoid whisker fatigue, preventing feline acne, and reduces feline stress. The wide, shallow shape bowl lets felines easy access to food without pulling back whiskers and increasing discomfort. Out of everything I looked into, Dr. Catsby brought something unique to the market. After initial contact, the company donated C.A.T.S. fifteen (15) bowls!

Wanting to see this when as soon as I was able to, I drove over to the main foster sanctuary the evening I received the bowls to see them in action. In the photograph above (featuring one of our recent adopted cats, Jonas), his whiskers are pressed against his cheeks, rather than bent in the corners when eating (or drinking) out of a regular bowl. Every time I was at the sanctuary, I never saw Jonas eat as much (usually because he was napping whenever I popped in), but this was remarkable to see him not leave a single drop of food in the dish. The other great features about this bowl is that it is dishwasher safe, stainless steel metal, a non-skid mat, and can hold up to twelve (12) ounces of water.

Not long after we received the new product that all the cats took a liking, I took a great liking to something even better. Dr. Catsby announced via Facebook that they would provide a bowl to any one of our cats whom are adopted and shared our website. It warmed my heart deeply. Thanks to Dr. Catsby, our cats are a little less stressed and eating happily, as they wait for their forever homes. Click here to purchase your bowl today!