Riders of the Apocalypse: An Apocalyptic Digital Larp Event

Riders of the Apocalypse (ROTA) is a digital live action experience depicting the end of Earth’s relationship with humankind. The live action role play (larp) is primarily freeform, but includes scheduled game master (GM) summaries, which narrate the players’ grand impact on the overall game world.

For more information about digital larp, see our FAQ. You can read about the streamlined game mechanics and structure here.

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By joining us, you get:

  • A unique, custom character tailored to your preferences and our setting, including city selection, which provides your character with certain resources
  • Hours of online gameplay
  • A hearty, inclusive welcome to The Geek Initiative community
  • A thank you for supporting our larps!

You can join this experience whether you’re new to larping entirely—or you’ve experienced every game in our continuity (“CHARIOT Universe”) so far.

Each session features a new Rider: War, Death, Famine, Pestilence, and Chaos. Play for one session or enjoy as many as you like.

Tickets are $25 for your first session; $10 (use code “GiveMeMore”) for each session thereafter, whether you play the same character or a new one in following sessions. And yes: the Rider roles are playable (you’ll work with the game designers on that) and we hope to shatter the mold when it comes to what these forces look like.

Unique character possibilities also include:

  • A chronic pain patient/tech rights activist who has received cybernetic implants.
  • Earth’s most prominent terraformer.
  • Extraterrestrial enthusiast/podcast host.
  • One of three Fates.
  • The lore-aware, undercover former government agent who cut a deal to be spared—and knows a LOT about supernatural beings.

Want a continuity tie into existing CHARIOT lore? You can play:

  • The first Relelhart Laboratories Robodroid (the first android)
  • Wexford’s ancestor: the engineer who ‘maths’ high-speed space travel (a mathematician who lays the foundation for space travel)

Most of the characters in this larp will be mortal (human). You may also play a returning mortal, fae, or vampire character from previous TGI games, including CHARIOT. This is a continuity larp, but about 50 percent of our players are always new to our universe. You don’t need to have played any other TGI larps to participate. We love new participants—especially those new to larp!

This experience is for you if you enjoy:

  • Accessible larp experiences.
  • A variable level of commitment to a larp.
  • A chance to contribute to a large story started by more than fifty larpers and over seventy-five characters.
  • Room to discuss real world issues, such as the success of marginalized populations. during a dire apocalyptic scenario and the consequences of culling humanity.
  • Assuming the role of a scientist, teacher, technologist/engineer, politician, teacher.
  • Playing either a mortal or a supernatural being.
  • Discussing fear of the Singularity.

Content Warning: This experience includes apocalyptic subjects such as religion, death, gore, power struggles, colonization, hope, and pain. Characters may face obstacles such as being isolated/cut from communication, starvation/food shortage, radiation, disease, and war/violence.

Riders of the Apocalypse and Digital Larp Safety

Participants must agree to review intro and safety videos (less than five minutes combined) and adhere to our safety and inclusion policy.


  • Game Design and Game Mastering: Tara Clapper & Terry Crew
  • Administration, Editing: Shayna Cook
  • Logistics & Scheduling: Shayna Cook & Terry Crew
  • Editing, Artistic Support: John Perkins
  • Questions? Contact: [email protected]

Join the conversation: facebook.com/groups/tgilarps & facebook.com/chariotlarp

To participate in ROTA, you may play a new or existing:

  • Human (most encouraged to play this type)
  • Vampire
  • Fae
  • Grim Reaper
  • Rider of the Apocalypse (one per session; each Rider gets their own session)

All characters (and their players) may be of any race, gender, or sexuality. Participants will receive detailed information on these character types.

Werewolf characters are locked at this time.

Got questions? Email us at: [email protected]