Written and produced by Tara M. Clapper and The Geek Initiative

  • Initial runs: SOLD OUT.

*Our initial runs included a POC-only run and a woman-only run (naturally, trans-inclusive).



chariot larp

chariot larp

Chariot is an immersive, month-long digital live action role play experience taking place entirely over an online, live broadcast (publicly viewable stream). Players portray characters in the year 2087, leaving a war-ravaged Earth to inhabit the first human city on Proxima. This LARP will deal with themes of grief, tension between generations, mortality, online relationships, and politics.

The online chronicle of this LARP focuses on Earth-bound individuals digitally communicating with one another before they leave Earth.

What is the game schedule? (All times Eastern Standard Time)

Each run has a different schedule to maximize options for our players.

Enough requests from other time zones will result in new availability for future runs.

You can view complete game schedules here.

How is this different from an in-person LARP?

This LARP contains a focus on character development, pre-role play, and workshopping in addition to the face-to-face, in-game element on screen. It is recommended for those who are or wish to become writers, game designers, and actors.

This LARP is designed to be rules-light and immersive. It requires approximately two hours per week during the month of a game – that’s 8 gameplay hours total. Additionally, you receive a printable (PDF) workbook and journal prompt sheet should you wish to develop your character and record your experience in character.

What do I need to play this LARP?

You will need a small suite of tools to play this game, but most of them are free.

  • Computer and reliable internet connection. Either Mac or PC will work.
  • Discord (FREE) – You will find all resource links, help-channels, and text-based role play spaces here. You can also use Discord to send in-person messages in character.
  • A twitch.tv account (FREE)
  • A Google account for Google Hangouts (FREE)
  • A private, uninterrupted space from which you can broadcast. You should be willing to change this space as needed with a light set decoration, or simply sit with a blank wall in the background. (We will provide tips and instruction.)
  • Reference and costuming guide (provided) with glossary for new LARPers
  • Printable badge

What are the goals of this LARP?

This primary goal of this game is to provide an accessible LARP experience for both new and experienced players. We hope to accomplish this in the following ways:

  • No travel requirements
  • Little to no costuming requirements
  • Utilizing technology players already have
  • Making use of free digital resources
  • Providing one sponsored position per game, subsidized from the other ticket costs (there is an application procedure)
  • Accessibility for gamers with disabilities and chronic illnesses

How old do I have to be to play?

This is an 18+ game with mature content streamed on a mature Twitch channel. Players and viewers may encounter:

  • Strong language
  • References to sexual acts
  • Depiction of violence (via makeup, prosthetics, and special effects)
  • Unpredictable content from chat and game participants (though the channels will be heavily moderated)

What must I consent to?

Participants must agree to:

  • Abide by all policies set forth by Twitch, Discord, and The Geek Initiative
  • Provide permission for your face and voice to appear on stream and to be captured on our channel for archival purposes and for use in promotional materials

How many games will run?

We can run up to 3 concurrent games (beta, delta, and gamma shifts). Once one run ends up selling out, we will open placement for the next. While this online experience can be played as a standalone adventure, more games may become available in person at Double Exposure events and other conventions, such as Gen Con 2018.

How does the casting process work?

Each player receives a 30 minute casting call. We write each character based upon your preferences and our conversation. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences, but do need to run a balanced game.

What does the money from this game go towards?

  • Graphics and overlay for the Twitch stream
  • Social media coordination and management
  • Moderation of channel and organization
  • Towards developing more LARPs and to the LARP developer/GM for her time


I heard you hire GMs. How do I get paid?

All GMs running through CHARIOT and other TGI LARP systems are vetted to ensure adherence to our inclusive policies. At this time, we are not hiring more GMs and those who have been hired were recruited by the game designer. Stay tuned for future opportunities.


Welcome Letter

August 25, 2087


You have been selected. You are one of 233 crew and civilian members permitted to join the Chariot.

Soon, this ship will depart in hopes of beginning a new life on Proxima in humanity’s first extra-planetary settlement: Proxima Endeavor. A habitable residence awaits you as you leave our warring planet behind.

You have been selected for your excellence and proficiency in your field and have completed our rigorous selection process and background check.

Over the course of the next month, you will say goodbye to everything and everyone you know. Most of you will leave friends, colleagues, spouses, other family members, and pets behind in service of humanity’s mission.

Please find a small list of permitted and required items enclosed. Report to the nearest approved medical facility for your final physical and ensure your physician signs and returns the form electronically.

I understand that this may be a time of grief for you. Know that what we do is a service to our entire planet. During this time, please reach out to your assigned counselor to discuss any difficult feelings you may experience as you say your goodbyes.

With respect,

Captain Emily O’Sullivan

UGS Chariot


Questions or concerns? Email us: tgilarps@gmail.com.