Night has fallen over your family’s ancient home. The Patriarch of your lineage has passed. And with him, the last connection between you and your family’s “Golden age” is severed. The funeral has come and gone not long ago, and so, you and your closest family have returned to the ancient estate one evening to prepare for the will reading and time of mourning. A storm breaks out, and the wiring on the bridge up the mountain breaks, leaving you all stranded. But you have a bigger problem.

Jimmy Brown / Flickr / CC By 2.0

Jimmy Brown / Flickr / CC By 2.0

Your grandmother, god bless her, is dead in the grand foyer: in blood around her is written, “I only need one.” A crumpled piece of paper falls out of her mouth as you check to see if she can be revived. It says, “find the hidden book.” And here you are, surrounded by your closest relatives, and there’s strength in numbers.

But no one can hurt you quite like family.

And anyone who dies leaves more in the will for the rest of you. That’s just how the Patriarch wrote it.

And there’s something else here. It’s already killed your Grandmother and The Butler has not responded to your summons. You know this thing is hunting you. And you remember The Cousin at the funeral you didn’t know. The Cousin whose features you cannot recall. The Cousin whose presence reminded you of rotten meat.

Will you work with each other to survive? Will you sell each other out at the first opportunity? Will you all die or escape, or will you find a way to face The Cousin that haunts the Estate? Every run is different, with countless possible outcomes and ways to face the threat that looms in every moment on the Estate. A game that goes one way the first time could look completely differently the next.

Four runs are currently planned, each is a 2 to 3 hour long experience with the possibility of more runs if there is popular demand:

All times in Eastern Standard Time (Philadelphia/Washington DC).

Cost: $29 


This is an 18+ age rules-light larp with basic mechanics. The larp will take place on Zoom and players design their own characters using a question and answer system. We recommend participating on a computer or a device connected to a keyboard, as you will need to frequently communicate with the GM via Zoom chat.

All participants must agree to follow TGI’s Safety, Consent, & Inclusion Policies. Those who violate these policies may be ejected from the larp with no refund.

Content Warnings: Murder! Violence! Discussion of Traumatic Familial Backstory! LGBTQ+ Themes! Discussion of racism and classism! Player Versus Player conflict! Being hunted by a vicious monster! Discussion of blood and violence!

About Dave Ellis, Larp Designer, Your Game Master

Dave Ellis has worked with the TGI Community since 2015 as a blogger, content reviewer, and NPC. He is the creator, writer and producer for The Gossamer Gumshoe supernatural detective fiction podcast, a long time LARP GM and Marshal, as well as a Tabletop GM. He is a genderfluid individual on the autism spectrum with a passion for game design.