Mission Statement

The Geek Initiative is an online community and collaborative website that features geeky content for an audience that supports equality. We strive for an intersectional feminist perspective.

Mission Statement

The Geek Initiative was founded in May of 2013 to celebrate women in geek culture. This includes female characters in comic books, literature, video games, and LARPs (live action role playing games) as well as the people who create and play them. Our founding editors met via online and live action role play and we hope to always provide a safe place for fans to discuss and improve geek culture…or to just geek out over the latest Marvel movie.

We take issues seriously and run the site professionally. Our editors have seven decades of combined expertise in the publishing industry and online community administration.

Our Vision

Our goal is to demonstrate that women occupy a significant space in geek culture: we discuss, create, view, and consume it – and that comes with a significant amount of buying power. We want to engage readers and contributors – including men – by proactively addressing the ongoing issues surrounding gender equality in geek culture.

We believe that readers should see a balance of positive examples and thoughtful critiques. At The Geek Initiative, both anger and constructive development have a place when it comes to gender equality and the geek community.

What Makes Us Special

The Geek Initiative believes it’s important to engage everyone. A significant amount of our readership (and contributors) do not identify as female. This is a safe space for all to discuss gender equality in geek culture. That said, we present a curated and clear message: women have a place in gaming and mass media. As evidenced by our site’s leadership, sometimes we run it.

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