You Might Not Recognize Me with My Red Arm…Until You Read This Comic!


We all have questions after seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Who is Rey? Where did Finn come from? What crazy tantrum is Kylo going to have next? We all have our theories and assumptions, but what we can’t figure out is possibly the most important, most world-changing mystery of all… why does C-3PO show up, after all this time, and is just completely unrecognizable with that red arm? What happened?!

Don’t despair, fellow confused Star Wars fans, Marvel is coming to the rescue and releasing a very special C-3PO one-shot to explain just how he got his mysterious crimson limb. With the long-awaited reunion of creative team James Robinson and Tony Harris, we can only expect greatness from this exclusive window into the lost adventures of our favorite Protocol Droid. This story leads in to C-3PO’s appearance in The Force Awakens, and is the only place to discover his missing escapades and the exciting story behind his new appendage. This highly anticipated special Star Wars event will be available in March, accompanied by popular Action Figure and Movie Photo Variant covers!

Star Wars Special: C-3PO #1 will be available in March- remember to pre-order and pick up your copy at your local comic book shop!  Check out a preview of some of the pages below.



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