Love, Longing, and Ancestry: Interview with ‘Kurt Seyit ve Şura’ Author Nermin Bezmen

seyit and sura

If you’ve known it, you’re fortunate: a love that never ends, even when you’re torn apart by careers or distance or life circumstances – possibly even surviving the end of the relationship itself. This describes “Seyt and Shura” (“Kurt Seyit ve Şura”), a Turkish television drama exploring the lives of a Russian aristocrat and a Turkish soldier from Crimea loyal to the tsar. Set in 1916 and forward, the romantic historical drama begins in St. Petersburg (then Petrograd) and takes the viewer on a tumultuous journey to Alushta, Crimea all the way to British-occupied Istanbul.

A few episodes in, I was already hooked and had to know more about this story. I discovered that the main characters in the story were not only real, but that the show was based on fascinating novels written by Kurt Seyt’s granddaughter, Nermin Bezmen. The truth of this story translated strongly from Bezmen’s research and personal experiences to book to television series, and like many who watched the show, I kept crying and kept watching the gripping and heartbreaking tale unfold.

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What’s more, Bezmen is exceptionally accomplished as a businessperson, artist, and author.

After finishing the series, I managed to correspond with Nermin Bezmen regarding this wonderful story. I asked her about her life and worldly experiences, and also about some details of the story and her real-life relationship with Tina, Shura’s sister.

Here follows the interview:

Tara M. Clapper: I read that you worked in business, fine arts, poetry, and journalism before becoming a novelist, and that you were even a TV host. Do you think that all of these roles involve storytelling in a different way or are otherwise connected?

Nermin Bezmen: Since my childhood my goal in life was about not going to live and die like a savannah grass but become somebody who would leave a positive trace behind. A trace that would make me remembered with a nice touch in people’s hearts and minds and even souls after I am long gone.

So, although I studied in the university to be a businesswoman and started as an executive secretary and was responsible for the purchasing and marketing departments of an important industrial firm for some years, art was always my oasis where I took refuge from a very hectic, demanding, chaotic world of business did not matter how successful I was in what ı was doing.

Imagination has always been my wings and designs, colours and words my friends to fly away from the harshness of reality.

Being a very passionate, sentimental and refined detail craving person in life, every aspect of lived past, living present and dreamed future is in my interest area.

I always loved learning, trying, challenging my self with new projects sometimes just to see how far I could go and how perfect I could be in the new adventure… the goal leaving a trace behind. This motivation and dream swept me from one job to another. I love opening my mind to new knowledge and searching deep into the new subject gives me thrills.

My darling mother introduced me to books when I was two years old and by the time I was nine my library already consisted of Chekhov whose stories I admire still.

Being involved with literature this early took me to an another dimension when I learned writing. My curiosity to learn was embedded with a vast scale of imagination thanks to all the books I read and become part of, one way or another.

My love for painting guided me through ink, water colour, “Ottoman miniature and illumination,” silk screen printing, naive, classic acrylic, oil painting, all sorts of styles just to see which one was going to answer my need of being if not eternal but at least someone close to it. My children had started school already, I quit the workshop I was attending in The Topkapı Palace and enrolled in the university exams once more and entered the Academy of Fine Arts, for restoration and plaster and wood painting.

Art is not only a voyage with a tremendous beauty that one can indulge him / herself in but also a great teacher that teaches patience, endurance, boosts imagination and passion for details.

kurt seyt shura bookThis is exactly how my writing ability which was clearly one of my hobbies became a profession; because of art. To be more precise: the unsatisfactory moment on the canvas drove me to the arms of writing. One day I was watching the clouds rolling in and out and over of each other in tens of colors towards the Black Sea on the Bosphorous, giving the illusion like there were hundreds of wild horses galloping in the sky. I was breathless with the beauty of it and immediately started mixing my paints but… alas! By the time colors were ready the clouds were gone already… I had tears in my eyes feeling so helpless not only for missing the scene but deep down knowing that this actually was life itself; not possible to capture, keep, hide and repeat. At that moment I had a whole poem in my mind. And I said to my self “Nermin, you are more friendly with words than paints. Go, write, write and write.”

Every profession I was involved [in], including teaching art for twenty-seven years, opening more than twenty solo exhibitions, giving yoga classes, doing restoration work, being a live program tv anchor woman, helped and still helps me to write a better story. I learned a lot from each of them. They were all connected with people, artistic or not. And knowing nature and human sociology makes a great affect on writing.

And every novel’s research is like preparing a new university thesis for me.

TMC: Do you consider yourself more of a researcher, novelist, or storyteller?

NB: I am a novelist who embellishes stories with the findings of deep, very painstaking research, boundless imagination with lots of sleepless nights and tears. A novelist needs them all… at least I do.

TMC: Did you want to write novels before you started writing about Kurt Seyt, or did his story inspire you to become a novelist?

NB: I always had a dream of writing a novel which would be taken to the hearts by those who read it. On the other hand my grandpa Kurt Seyit had been my number one hero since I was very little and did not matter how many books I read he kept his special place in my heart and his story in my dreams.

Today I have seventeen published bestsellers so far but Kurt Seyt saga has and will always have a very very special place in my literary life since it is so much of my own flesh and blood. I was lucky to start with such hero, heroine and story.

TMC: From what I can tell, you never got to meet Kurt Seyt, Murka, or Shura, but you were able to meet Tina. How did you find her, and what was it like meeting her for the first time? What was your relationship like?

NB: Unfortunately, my beloved grandpa had passed away (he committed suicide in 1945) long before I was born. But I kept listening to his life stories, told by my mom and grandma since I remember myself. His photo in the Czar’s Guards’ uniform on the way back from the front, was in our library and looking at his picture while listening his adventures almost brought him back to life for me.

Murka on the other hand lived till she was ninety years old and she was in my life for fourty-one years. I spend two years everyday taking down notes listening to her memories where I could capture my grandpa’s life more than ever. And I am ever so thankful to her for all the information which she has provided me with and most of them being very painful for her to remember again.

Shura was gone from İstanbul years ago. To reach her was the most painful and stressful part of my research since it obviously seemed very unrealistic to find a person in the year of 1991 who had left in 1924 with no other trace then the knowledge about her trip to Paris. But I was obsessed. I could not eat, sleep or think of anything else than finding Shura. There was not one church or White Russian that I was not in touch with, here in İstanbul and in Paris. Alas! The records were either lost, burned or people simply died of an old age or moved from the last addresses that I could reach to.

seyit and shura

Late Jack Deleon, whom I did not know personally but admired his books had written a short survey book on “White Russians in İstanbul.” So I called and asked him about my heroine, then not knowing her last name, her family details, etc. He offered me help in introducing me to this old Russian Baroness, only with a year age difference to Shura hoping that the two aristocrats could know each other. This is how I met Tina. When I started telling her about this beautiful, young Russian girl who left İstanbul for Paris in 1924 and she had worked in a cleaner and also in the pharmacy in İstanbul when she was here, she immediately stopped and asked: “What are you going to do with my sister’s story?”

At that second I had a chill in my spine, tears in my eyes and I could hardly restrain my self from crying out loud. The beating of my heart was drumming in my throat and ears. When I told her that Shura was my grandma’s close friend (Jack had warned me that I should not tell anything about Shura being a lover to my grandpa for I could hurt an aristocrat) and I was writing a novel about them she took my hand and led me to the living room where she showed a sepia photo on the wall. This time I could not hold my tears at all and started sobbing because she was the young woman that I had been creating a life for and telling about.

There, Shura was smiling at me from an antique frame. Everything about her that I had described in the novel after my grandma’s description (they had met once) was just perfectly confirmed.

Not feeling so good about the white lie with which I had presented my intention, two months later I wanted to confess to Tinochka. I was obliged to tell her the truth but could not tell though. I just showed her my grandpa’s photo and asked “Tinochka, do you remember this man?”

kurt seyit eminof and sura

That was it… Her face turned pale, she got up from her seat and she left the room. I was torn in between being honest and having lost her forever… half an hour later she came back; her face powdered freshly to cover her tearful face and while I was expecting her kindly to say “Good bye to you.” she opened her arms and cried out: “You are my [niece]!”

We hugged and cried for minutes. Did not matter if I was really her [niece] or not. We shared something and cherished a life story of people who were so precious to us. I never asked more about Kurt Seyt and Shura, she never asked either. It was a sharing without talking… sharing of a very sad, bitter story which needed not to be talked over.

I spent seven months, every Tuesday visiting her from lunchtime to midnight. This part of my life is a novel in itself. We ate blinis, drank vodka, she played her piano, we sang, we talked, we laughed and we cried together. And one Tuesday she opened her secret room and a hope chest and gave me all the family albums, letters, cards, newspaper clippings and she said: “I trust you with my past and it is my will that one day you write my life too. My life is more exciting than Shurochka’s.” I could not help smiling. Shura obviously was a woman envied by so many other woman, specially by Murka and also by her own sister, although in a different way of course.

And the next Tuesday morning when I was getting ready to go out to visit her as usual, I received a phone call that she had passed away that very same morning. For me this tragic news’ affect was not only about loosing this extraordinary new friend but also loosing Shura and Kurt Seyit for the second time.

TMC: What was your involvement (if any) in making the show?

kurt seyit sura dancing
In the show, Kurt Seyt and Shura meet at a ball in Petrograd.

NB: Besides providing the main story; not only with the details in the novel but also the ones that I had not used while writing but could be essential for a TV show, I was in the process as a scenario consultant.

On the other hand, since I my self have written a few scenarios before, I perfectly well know that the math of a literary work and screen is so different from each other and some changes have to be done. So from time to time we had discussions with the scenario writer and the production leaders, about how things would take direction other that the real story. They added few people who was not actually in Kurt Seyt’s life and kept some of them alive more than they actually lived and killed some of them long before they died in reality. So TV fans will only know the perfect answers for their questions when they read the book itself. (The e-book version is available in English on

TMC: As you researched and learned from Tina, did your feelings about Seyt and Shura change?

NB: Not a bit. Tinochka was an essential missing link to complete the names and relations of the family members, their bonded realities, addresses, etc. Other than that what ever I imagined about Shura’s voice, likings, dislikes, quiet, passionate, demure but courageous character… everything was exactly like I told to my reader.

In the novel when I wanted to choose a specific flower that she likes I had given a long thought. She was not any other woman. Roses, carnations or orchids would not be right for her. So I thought of blue irises. When I met Tina, the novel was already finished but I was keeping it at the printing house for the last details. I could not help myself asking Tina which flower Shura liked most. The answer gave goose bumps on my skin. She simply said: “Blue irises.”

So when I visited her grave in L.S years later I took a bunch of blue irises and laid on her graveyard. I felt like as if she was smiling at me from behind…

I cried a lot for my grandpa Kurt Seyt and for Shura while I was writing. There were days and night when I could not see the words from my tears. My heart and soul was torn into pieces and with that heavy burden I kept on writing. The more I wrote the more I loved them. The more I loved the more I wanted to tell about them. They were almost whispering to my ears. It was a magical time altogether.

TMC: Politically, things are really complicated here in the US. I found that the show gave me more of a historical basis for understanding modern Turkey, Crimea, and Russia. As someone who studied in the US, is there anything you wish more Americans knew about these places?

NB: I believe not only in the US but in every country, people should wonder and learn about other parts of the world and cultures and history of other people. Only and only then we may all get closer to understand each other instead of being constant “the other” for each other.

We should all consider taking history more seriously, learning it from different aspects and views so we can come to a more understanding conclusion.

kurt seyit ve sura

It is a very obvious human psychology that every one who is part of the same event has a different story when you ask them. Ten people; ten stories. Every one of us have a different way of capturing, feeling and remembering things.

If we keep ourselves open to the learning how the others think, feel and remember we may not heal what has happened before but can prevent the future failure.

I also believe that art, music and literature can be a great healer for all the doomed and weak niches of the humankind.

That is why I write with a tendency of not convincing my reader to like or dislike any of my antagonists and protagonists. I research, I work very tediously about their historical and cultural facts, character structure and I write with the pride to bring them to life as much true as possible and let my reader to decide who ever to like or hate or envy. The reader should make her/his judgement free from writer’s personal dictation in disguise.

I send all my best wishes to dear fans of Kurt Seyt & Shura with the hope that they will be able to read my novels with an English print one day.

How to Learn More About Kurt Seyt and Shura

You can purchase the e-book in English here. I have it and can’t wait to read it.

Want to watch the show? It’s available now in the United States on Netflix. Beyond a beautiful story, it has a very moving score, soulful acting, and locations that will make you want to travel immediately. The show stars Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ as Kurt Seyit Eminof and Farah Zeynep Abdullah as Alexandra “Şura” Verjenskaya.

Author’s note: I truly believe there is something special and magical about this story. I’m an enthusiastic fan of many tales, but this one is exceptional. It has fairytale scenes and gritty, realistic moments; Shura well represents the simultaneous strength and fragility of her country. 

If you have any further comments, please leave them below and I will make sure Nermin sees them.

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  1. Acabo de terminar de ver esta serie.
    Me ha dejado sin palabras, quedé como hipnotizada, no pude parar de verla desde que me la recomendaron.
    Tengo tantos sentimientos encontrados.
    Cuando terminó la serie, casi muero de tristeza y rabia.
    Me quedé petrificada, sin poder entender como es que tanto amor entre ambos no logro que se unieran después de tantas cosas que pasaron y de tanto quererse.
    Ahora me entero que la historia es real, y siento aún más pena sabiendo que tanto engaño, tanta intriga , tanta traicion y tanta maldad finalmente haya sido el responsable de su separación definitiva.

  2. I do not know how to contact Mrs. NB, but it is my hope that this will find her and she may reach out. Alexandra is my name and as I have watched 22 episodes of the incredible series I can not help but cry, long, and feel so many similarities between my present situation and he love I see on the show. How I wish to share my own story….thank you for the incredible love that you have shared with so many.

  3. I am wondering about the pictures and momentous in the box that Tina gave the aurthor—are there more pictures of Sura? Even later in life in the states? It would be facinating to see them.

  4. I am 71 year old Canadian and this story is one of the best ever! It was a total and complete awareness raising to a new apex of my life journey. Sincerest thanks and gratitude to the author for her wonderful story and exquisite work.
    This is the immediate outcome for me after exposure to her personal story and her story of her grandfather:
    1. Changing my diet to include learning about Turkish cuisine and recipes to incorporate into my daily food consumption.
    2. Embracing the personal practice of order and cleanliness in the home depicted in the sets of the TV series including the appreciation and “value for what we have” rather than always seeking more in western society.
    3. Learning more about the events and countries of the time. I am very clear about the author’s intent and would like to share that she has inspired me to do much research and application in the days that remain to me. Therefore her goal has been achieved! Perhaps I can be a volunteer promoter to others in the future with the hope that others will have the same experience and lead more people to the same goal. It has been a tremendous work of love and caring for humanity. Thank you so much for your fabulous gift that has touched so many people.
    4. Since becoming aware of Kurt and Sura’s story and of the author my intention is to find a way to begin to offer my voluntary services to any older women who are refugees far from their homeland and are now living in my immediate community. I want to offer to give weekly English Lessons and host a hospitality group so they have an opportunity to not feel isolated and lonliness as their families find work and build a new life.
    There is no doubt in my mind that these ideas may not have come up for me without the writing genius of Nermin Bezmen and her talented contribution to the written word. I will be purchasing all published works available in English.
    It is my truest hope that this comment may give back some small joy!

    • All I can say is WOW!!! Love how ypur were so moved and how your life has been changed because of this!! Beautiful!!!!

    • What a beautiful response to the series and the author’s true story. I am so glad that you are as inspired by the series, I cannot imagine how happy this would make the author considering her love for life and beauty. The series was truly inspirational and heartwarming to me as well. It revived all that matters in life and what gives meaning and beauty to life – this is has been so lost in today’s materialistic culture that’s overtaken most of the world now.

  5. Hola, soy Mariana de Argentina. Empecé este relato sin mucha expectativa pero hace dos dias que termine de verla y mi corazón no encuentra consuelo, pienso todo el día en ellos y siento mucho dolor, quizá por qué todos tenemos grandes pérdidas en nuestra vida y podemos identificarnos con este sentimiento. Una historia tan maravillosa, un amor tan inmenso, un contexto tan oscuro. Ojalá hayan encontrado un poco de paz, un poco de felicidad. Gracais por contar esta bella historia

  6. Hello Nermin,

    I really loved the story, and I would like to know why seyit committed suicide? And how was Shura’s life in Paris and then in The U S? Please answer my questions.

    Thank you.

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    Very sad to hear about the ending,I don’t want to suffer anymore for an impossible love story …
    Sometimes relationships are not meant to be and this is a proof of that whether I like or not, and I truly believe they will meet in another life for sure !

  10. Hello ,Thanks for bringing the interview to us . I Have been touched by the movie and the story . I was so sad at how it ended .after all that Kurt Seit and Sura went through they should have ended up together .I believe all partys envolved would have been happier .It was hard to learn of all the hardships all the people went through during that time. I also want Thank Nermin Bezmin for writing and sharing it with us all.

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    Thank you so much for giving us this incredible love story. I have watched the entire series four times, and I remain obsessed with it’s history, the people, and the geography. I have attempted to obtain more information on many of the central characters, but have been unable to do so. I loved the romantic and tragic story of Cellil and “Tatya”; really disliked Petri and Sura’s Aunt, as well as the Baroness Lola. I would love to be able to read these books in English, and hope to do so one day.
    Thank you again for this wonderful story.

  13. I’m still thinking about Seyit and Scura. I think he finally learned that he needed to talk more and he explained all the pain to Murveht when he told her a story, like she would do with the children, of how he would open a restaurant for the refugees to share their culture–stories, food, music. He told her if all his losses and he assured her she could always ask him questions. He seemed more ready to give the real answers, unlike when he would not tell Sura and just tell her to trust him which it seemed due to the trickery of others she could never do and I don’t think he understood why because supposedly he didn’t know if their schemes. But even after he found out, he didn’t have a full conversation with Sura about it and she never listened very well either. Was he learning from that experience so he did it differently with Murveht or were the hurts between he and Sura truly too much to overcome or did he see Sura as a stronger woman who could go on without him, whereas, Murveht was only a sweet 18 year old and he was probably ten or more years older than she? I thought the ending was satisfactory as Celil and Guzeide were together, Seyit had his Turkish wife as his father wanted, Petro was dead, Sabri was Seyit’s adopted son and Seyit’s brother and family were still alive. Sometimes not everyone gets a happy ending. I know for my first husband and I–he got a happy life and I got a life of suffering partially of my own making.

  14. What hapened with Sandra Wells ? She told you Sura’ memories?
    What Sura told her daughter?
    Sura have a grand kids?
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    Me puedes ayudar a buscar información.
    Gracias desde Chile.

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    I would consider it a privilege to talk to you. Deborah

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    Robyn Randles
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  31. I am devastated for Shura. Haunting story. Please make a second fictional series where Seyit
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    Painful but so wonderfully done.

  32. I am devastated for Shura. Haunting story. Please make a second fictional series where Seyit
    looks for Shura, finds her, and finally marries her as he originally should have if he truly loved her that much. I know it wouldn’t be true to the story, however, it might help me stop grieving for Shura.

    Painful but so wonderfully done.

  33. looks for Shura, finds her, and finally marries her as he originally should have if he truly loved her that much. I know it wouldn’t be true to the story, however, it might help me stop grieving for Shura.

    Painful but so wonderfully done.

  34. I’ve just had the pleasure of watching this incredibley beautiful series and have now finished reading many posts & blogs to get more information behind the story. I think the hardest part of their story is that they had overcome some profoundly difficult obstacles and survived. They had also lost so many loved ones not to mention home, country, way of life etc. But, they hadn’t lost each other, an amazing feat in all of this…. and yet choose not to be together. I know it was a very traditional time and his fathers wish to preserve the culture and norms of their heritage, but there had been a WAR there was no land or family tradition to preserve, all that was obliterated.
    Also, Seyit strikes me a leader not a follower and I thought he would be able to withstand such constraints and stay loyal. Would it be fair to say that Sura had matured in the time and was no longer able to be an obedient wife. Traditionally men like Seyit married teenage girls and that was all he knew a wife to be. Also, I’m curious to know what Sura and her sister did for money ? Were they compeletly dependent on their partners to support them ? Also Seyit, did he physically bring money & valuables from Crimea and carry it around in a bag ? Were they able to have monry in banks and transfer it ?

  35. Hello Nermin! Thank you so much for this wonderful novel. It is so far my favorite and the best love romance story I ever watched, After finishing the last episode, I still cant get over Kurt Seyit and Sura. I fell in love with them! I find myself sometimes day dreaming about them, and aim 58 years old! Oh, how I cried when Shura was on the ship leaving for Paris..It is as if I felt the intensity of her pain.. after everything that happened, after all thy been thru , this is hiw it ended,..I grieved for Shura..

  36. Thank you so much Nermin for this wonderful novel! It is so far my favorite and the best love romance story I ever watched, After finishing the last episode, I still cant get over Kurt Seyit and Sura. I fell in love with them! I find myself sometimes day dreaming about them, and aim 58 years old! Oh, how I cried when Shura was on the ship leaving for Paris..It is as if I felt the intensity of her pain.. after everything that happened, after all thy been thru , this is hiw it ended,..I grieved for Shura..

  37. Thank you Nermin, my beloved Kurt Seyit’s grand daughter. I just finished watching this heart wrenching true story. How much pain you also must have endured, especially when you said that with the demise of Baroness Tina, it is as if you lost Kurt Seyit and Shura for the second time. Oh my God, I cannot describe the pain in my heart. How am I going to go to work tomorrow.

  38. Merci pour cette belle histoire, si touchante, j’aimerai tellement connaître la vie de Shura après son départ…s’est-elle remise de son chagrin…tant de questions se posent..
    Un tel amour entre deux êtres devrait pouvoir se vivre paisiblement.
    Bravo à vous Nermin.

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