I’m still shocked I was able to acquire tickets for a 7:00 p.m. showing of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens the night before it opened at a local theatre for December 17th, 2015. My man-friend has been talking about seeing it in theaters and I thought, “why not!”

Although we didn’t see the film in IMAX, but instead an old classic one-screened theatre with balconies and two organs, it was one the most epic sequels I have ever seen.

Note: The summary is spoiler-free and the review below it is spoiler-light.

Spoiler-Free Summary

Star Wars TFA LogoCongratulations to Star Wars fans across any of the social media platforms who have vowed an oath of silence to not spoil the film for any ticket-holders who have not seen the film yet.

The film opens up with its rolling credits stating that Luke Skywalker has disappeared thirty years after the destruction of the second Death Star, and General Leia Organa of the Resistance have been searching for him ever since. The First Order – successor of the fallen Galactic Empire – is also looking for Skywalker as well. Though this is the main opening to the film and the central question of, “Where is Luke Skywalker?” The new episode delves deep into new twists and turns throughout the galaxy.

Our first planet stop is Jakku, where droid BB-8 rolls around with his companion, Caption Poe Dameron who is soon captured by Darth Vader’s successor, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) – Kylo Ren also seems to be running the show and has a powerful new lightsaber in the shape of a traditional sword and strives to be the darkest overlord that there is.

Without giving too much away, and what I’m about to discuss, the film takes us to new destinations, meeting new characters and reacquainting ourselves with the old, this Episode is not one to be underestimated.

The Galaxy’s Most Powerful Womyn


Rey Star WarsWe didn’t see any “Slave Leia” outfits, but we did see some form-fitting attire. Let’s talk about Rey (Daisy Ridley), a girl who realizes she has the power of the force behind her. Abandoned on Jakku as a child, she’s been working as a scavenger and waiting for her family to come for her ever since. She’s an independent womyn who has been alone all of her life, working for “the man” or some alien race, when her life is turned upside down when she meets BB-8 and runaway Stormtrooper, FN-1278, also known as “Finn” (John Boyega).

At numerous points throughout Finn and Rey’s meeting, Finn attempts to grab Rey’s hand and help save womyn he thinks is a damsel-in-distress. Well, that ain’t Rey! Rey is the protagonist of the new film; that’s what gets me most excited. I was tired of seeing men run the galaxy and save the races, but now there’s potential!

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I was waiting for the moment when Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie, also known as Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones) was going to take off her Stormtrooper helmet. Officer in the First Order, Phasma definitely displays the times of modern womyn: you don’t need to be a man in order to be evil. Her entire body is covered in a chrome-plated traditional Stormtropper’s uniform with badges of honor and enough of an angular chest piece to show she doesn’t blend in with the rest of the guys.

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It was odd not hearing Leia referred to as “Princess” as many times as we’re used to from the original trilogy, but we were to expect that she was a well-respected leader. General Organa’s commands and opinions are not one to be faulty in this episode. Not to give too much away, but there is only one thing that holds her to her instincts, and that is her son.

One of my top moments in this film was watching General Organa and Rey embrace towards the end of the film. It was obvious Leia sees potential with Rey, but we’ll have to wait for 2017 in Star Wars: Episode VIII to see what’s to come next.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Bechdel Test

The film technically does pass the Bechdel Test. The Bechdel Test is tested in a work of fiction of at least two womyn speaking to each other, whom talk about something other than a man.

  • The film has two womyn in it;
  • They talk to each other;
  • About something other than a man. (While the movie technically passes this point, much of the dialogue is extremely male-centric.)

Conclusion and Recommendation

Director J.J. Abrams is leaving the Star Wars legacy on a high note. He successfully returned the galactic empire back to the silver screen with enough modernism and nostalgia mixed together to draw in a new generation of fans.

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When the original trilogy (Episodes IV, V, & VI) were written and produced, the story showed its sternness and reflected the times of when the films were coming out, but also revolutionized the way we – the movie-goers, theorists, and filmmakers – look at film. Now, we have fast-forwarded thirty-two years in the waiting to show that, not only our “real-time” in the world has evolved, but so has the universe that Star Wars takes place in.

We witness a womyn holding a lightsaber battling Kylo Ren; a Stormtrooper turned Resistance; and family ties that run blood-deep.

The film showcases beautiful scenery, tasteful CGI, special effects and practical effects, a cast that brought powerful developing story plot points to the silver screen. Be a part of this history in-the-making film and go see it now!

NO SPOILERS IN COMMENTS UNTIL 2016, but please feel free to share what you thought about the film, Rey, Leia and the other characters in it. Leave us a comment!

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