Like everyone, I get frustrated with many things throughout my day. How can I possibly work two full-time jobs and end up with no money left to spend on myself? This is probably one of the things that gets me down most. Lately, I’ve been trying to do something about it – because that’s more proactive than moping. Part of me felt a bit guilty when I signed up for Stitch Fix and committed to a $20 styling fee, but I knew I owed it to myself to upgrade my wardrobe slowly.

I’ve been in the workforce since age 16, and the unfortunate reality is that I still have pieces in my wardrobe from college. Not just fun tee shirts, but professional clothing clearly meant for someone four sizes smaller and a decade younger. Combine that with the fact that my newer items are mostly ill-fitting and from Wal-Mart, and I’m a clear candidate for “What Not To Wear.” Feeling uncomfortable at work is the worst. I’m glad Stitch Fix came to my rescue.


It works like this: You sign up on their website. You give them real input about your style – you can even send them a link to your Pinterest account. You select your price range and how often you want a fix. Then they send it along. Your styling fee of $20.00 is always charged – but if you buy something from your fix, it’s taken out of the price of the item. You just log on and let them know what you are keeping; then you send back the rest of the items in the pre-paid shipping bag.

I chose to get a fix once every other month due to my budget. Since some of the items are upscale, I was kind of worried about being judged by the stylist on the other end – but there’s no judgment here. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m fun to style for!

Stitch Fix allows me to bury those excuses – not enough time, not enough money, getting frustrated over the clothing selection process – and puts the pressure on a stylist who actually enjoys doing this kind of thing. And it’s awesome – I have a personal penpal who has a vested interest in making me look and feel awesome.

Ultimately, the packaging and presentation is what really made me say ‘wow’ over Stitch Fix. Each item is handwrapped in tissue paper. When I got my first package, I felt like a lady shopping at “The Paradise” even though I hadn’t left the comfort of my home. I realized that I wasn’t just paying for the quality of the items in the box, but for the experience. After a long day of being talked over, ignored, and disrespected, a box of hand-selected items with a note from my personal stylist restores my confidence and sense of respect.


Quality of Clothing: The quality of the items in my first shipment was high. I’m used to low-end clothing, and I could tell right away that the materials used – linens, cotton, natural fibers – were superior and more comfortable in comparison. This is clothing I don’t have to think about while I’m wearing it – is it going to fall off? Is it too tight here? No worries.

There’s also self-respect. I do not owe an explanation or apology to anyone for wanting to buy something comfortable and high-quality every other month. It’s just me and a box full of pretties, and I’m sticking with it.


The clothing can be pretty pricey, so make sure to tell your stylist you’re looking for a bargain if that’s the case. Additionally, SF is only available for women (sorry guys) and NOT available for those over a size 14.

Are you ready to try Stitch Fix? Check it out!