About the Editors

Tara M. Clapper, Founder & Publisher, General Assignment Editor

Tara is a lifelong geek. Her interests were forged in an early appreciation for “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Jurassic Park,”  and many historical fiction and fantasy novels. Tara is an avid LARPer and convention attendee. The author of over 1,000 individual blogs, her content has been featured on HelloGiggles, Salary.com, LARPing.org, and more. She holds a B.A. in English from McDaniel College and has attended many events as press (including New York Comic Con). Her day job involves speaking about digital marketing and branding. She is also a freelance editor. A Marvel fan, her favorite superhero in undoubtedly Thor.

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Heather Fesmire – Photo Editor, Graphic Artist, & Illustrator

Heather Fesmire received her MA in Writing and Publishing from Emerson College in 2015. Her focus was on publication design and print media. She received her BA in Art and her BA in Journalism from Rowan University in 2013. Heather is currently a freelance artist for Nova Scribe Press, and a Photo Editor, Graphic Artist, and Illustrator for The Geek Initiative. She has created numerous branding designs and promotional materials for up and coming companies and bands. Heather plans on working in publishing and dreams of owning her own print and art business. In her free time, she enjoys watching countless hours of anime, belting Disney songs, adventuring, and trying to hug every cat.

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Khaleesi – Managing Editor, Fashion Editor, & Chief Podcaster

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Sam Reader, Conventions Editor






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